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Emily Deschanel’s Weight Loss in 2022: The Bones Actress Looks Unrecognizable in Netflix’s Devil in Ohio; How Does She Look Today?

Sep 6, 2022 @ 12:12 EDT
Emily Deschanel’s Weight Loss in 2022: The Bones Actress Looks Unrecognizable in Netflix’s Devil in Ohio; How Does She Look Today?

Emily Deschanel, one of the cast members of Netflix's Devil in Ohio, has lost significant weight and viewers want to know about her weight loss secrets. As of today, the 45-year-old star looks totally unrecognizable. We do know that the Bones actress previously followed a strict diet and workout routine to lose her post-pregnancy weight. Similarly, we can assume Emily Deschanel did the same in 2022 to lose her extra pounds. 

Netflix's horror series Devil in Ohio, created by Daria Polatin, centers around Mae Dodd, who is discovered by police officers from Amon County, an infamous region known for urban legends and religious cults. Psychiatrist Suzanne Mathis begins caring for Mae as soon as she is admitted to the hospital.

While volunteering as Mae's temporary guardian for ninety days, Suzanne discovers that Mae is a member of a cult that worships Lucifer. As the program goes on, Detective Lopez and Suzanne work together to unearth the startling truths about the devil-worshippers intentions.

The role of Dr. Suzanne Mathis is played by Emily Deschanel. Previously known for starring in Bones, Emily has been one of the highlights of the show because of her comparatively slim appearance. Many viewers of the show have speculated that the actress might have undergone weight loss. Well, let's discuss the topic in detail.

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Emily Deschanel’s Weight Loss: The Bones Actress Looks Significantly Different Today; Devil in Ohio & 2022 Update?

Emily Deschanel's weight loss journey is certainly a topic to discuss. Her recent appearance on Netflix's Devil in Ohio, 2022, has marked every viewer to compare her before and after pictures. She definitely looks different and way too better today than she used to a few years ago.

Emily (@emilydeschanel), who is mostly renowned for her role as Temperance Brennan on Bones, has always been a fat figure. Not that we ever had a problem with her body size, nobody had ever thought she would change drastically over the years. As Bones started in 2005 and ended in 2017, viewers were used to her not-slim body. In fact, her body size didn't look much different even at the time she was different.

However, as seen in the Netflix series, her weight loss appearance has shocked every fan who knows her from the time she was cast in Bones. Some fans claimed that they had a hard time believing she was really Emily Deschanel. As a result, viewers definitely want to know about her secrets. What do you think is her secret? A surgery? Her diet plan? Workout Routine?

Well, it seems like Emily has yet to unveil how she shed her weight and transformed her body significantly. Additionally, it has not been long since she appeared on our screens. She was also cast in a 2022 horror movie titled Continue where she played the role of Janet. She didn't look that slim in the movie.

However, it has been over 5 months since the release of Continue. And everybody knows what 5 months of pure dedication can lead to, especially when it comes to body transformation. Similarly, it also differs in when the film and Netflix series were filmed.

Since Emily Deschanel has never disclosed her weight loss secrets, we can't do anything but assume how she really did it. Firstly, we can assume she might have undergone surgery to transform her body significantly which is an instant solution to change a person's body. Secondly, we can assume she might have followed a strict diet and workout routine to transform her body naturally. However, we have to wait for her official statements to know how she actually transformed her body.

Moreover, given that Emily Deschanel had put on weight during her previous pregnancy, her weight loss was presumably planned. She had worked extremely hard and exerted a lot of energy to lose the extra 20 pounds she had put on during her second pregnancy.

She embarked on a weight-loss plan in 2016 to lose the pregnancy weight. She knew she wanted to look nice, but feeling strong, healthy, and secure in her body was more important to her at the time than simply dropping weight. And because of it, she had to alter her typical vegan diet (in addition to avoiding all foods containing soy and gluten).

With the help of a well-known celebrity trainer based in Los Angeles, Emily Deschanel was able to successfully lose weight. She found success with a 1600-calorie diet consisting of organic foods that gave her all the micro- and macronutrients she required for a high level of energy and good health. Three meals and two snacks per day featured plant-based proteins (such as those found in brown rice, broccoli, or other greens, legumes, nuts, and soy).

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