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Elisa Lazcano From Who Killed Sara: Meet Elisa Actress, Carolina Miranda, on Instagram!

May 25, 2022 @ 5:51 EDT
Elisa Lazcano From Who Killed Sara: Meet Elisa Actress, Carolina Miranda, on Instagram!

Elisa Lazcano, one of the cast members of Netflix's Who Killed Sara, is the youngest child in Lazcano's family who decides to help Alex and later go against her own family. Fans wonder about the real name of the cast. Actress Carolina Miranda, 31, plays the role of Elisa in the Netflix series. Follow the article to know more about Elisa Lazcano from Who Killed Sara and find Carolina Miranda on Instagram.

'Who Killed Sara?' (original title: 'Quién Mató a Sara?') is a Netflix original series that follows Alex Guzmán's search for his sister's killer after he was wrongfully accused of her murder. After serving 18 years in prison, Alex sets his sights on the powerful Lazcano family, who are responsible for the killing of the titular figure. The more our hero digs, the more horrifying the revelations become.

Sara's death is linked to a series of increasingly disturbing conspiracies, and what starts out as a straightforward mystery quickly becomes a complicated exercise in plot twists. After a while, things start to get violent as several prominent characters meet their untimely deaths.

One of the characters who has caught the eyes of many viewers is Elisa Lazcano. Viewers didn't get much about Elisa in the show. As a result, they are curious to know about her in detail. Well, let's find out everything about Elisa.

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Who Is Elisa From Netflix’s Who Killed Sara?

After being wrongfully convicted of his sister's death, Alex is hell-bent on exacting vengeance and identifying the true killer. Things grow difficult when Alex realizes there's more to the story than he realizes, and things get even more problematic when he falls for Elisa Lazcano, who was a youngster when Sara died.

Elisa, the youngest child of César and Mariana, is a bit of a turncoat. She becomes entangled in Alex's revenge plot and helps him in uncovering her family's terrible secrets. Throughout the series, Elisa seeks justice and supports Alex, even as he pushes her to recognize the evil in her own family and the crimes they've committed.

After a meeting with Cesar, Alex laced the spot with explosives and set off a bomb. The mission, however, fails spectacularly when Elisa, rather than Cesar, is caught in the blast. She was severely injured, to the point where viewers expected her to die. Fortunately, her father Cesar arrived just in time and rushed her to the emergency room.

Elisa later goes to the Lazcano casino, pours gasoline all over the place, and sets the facility on fire. For a brief period, it appeared that Elisa had no chance of leaving the building, but Alex arrives quickly and assists her in her escape.

The family loses everything after Elisa sets fire to the casino and César Lazcano's illegal connections are exposed. César escapes to Seychelles with what money he has left but is compelled to return after Alex liquidates his bank accounts. The Lazcanos are irreparably devastated by season 2 when Elisa Lazcano burns down her own family's casino.

Real Name of Elisa? Meet Actress Carolina Miranda; Age & Instagram Explored!

Carolina Miranda (@caromirandaof) plays Elisa in Netflix's crime-thriller, 'Who Killed Sara?'. Carolina Miranda is a Mexican actress who is most known for her roles in soap operas and television series.

She made her debut appearance on television in 2012 as Fina Rey in Los Rey before landing a starring part in the soap opera Las Bravo as Carmen Bravo. Carolina Miranda won the Palma de Oro medal for her performance as Carmen Bravo, a national prize.

Carolina also worked on Amor de Ciegas and La Cena, two online series that won Best Web Series at the Baja California Festival. She received The Produ Awards as Actress of Revelation in 2016 for her portrayal of the queen of narco, Vicenta Acera, where she was chosen from a large panel of producers and executives where different productions and actors compete on an international level.

Carolina recently completed her fifth season of the highly successful television program on Telemundo, Seora Acero. Carolina Miranda also won Best Actress at the Los México Awards in 2018, confirming her immense influence in the entertainment industry.

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