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Dr. Cameron Hayek on Virgin River: Does the New Doctor Like Mel? Meet the Actor/Cast, Mark Ghanime, on Instagram!

Jul 24, 2022 @ 5:11 EDT
Dr. Cameron Hayek on Virgin River: Does the New Doctor Like Mel? Meet the Actor/Cast, Mark Ghanime, on Instagram!

Dr. Cameron Hayek, one of the new characters in Netflix's Virgin River Season 4, is the new doctor hired by Doc who eventually falls for Mel. Played by actor Mark Ghanime, Cameron is a very attractive persona who attracts a lot of girls in the workplace, however, only seeks the attention of Mel. The new doctor decides to resign after he finds out that Mel and Jack got engaged. Follow the article to know more about Cameron Hayek and the cast with his age and Instagram handle.

Dr. Cameron Hayek, played by Mark Ghanime, is one of the show's key new characters and is being introduced in Season 4 of the beloved romantic dramedy Virgin River on Netflix.

Virgin River, which is based on the Robyn Carr novels, follows nurse practitioner and midwife Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), who moves to the small town that bears her name to start over. Mel develops her job alongside Doc (Tim Matheson) during the course of Virgin River's three seasons, makes a ton of new acquaintances, and falls in love with Virgin River bar owner Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson).

Due to the numerous challenges that Season 3 presented for Mel and Doc, Doc chooses to add some new staff members to his clinic in Season 4. We then meet Dr. Cameron Hayek for the first time. The new doctor has created a buzz among viewers, who believe he is out to ruin Jack Sheridan and Alexandra Breckenridge, a fan favorite couple. Let's get to know more about Cameron right below.

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Who Is Dr. Cameron Hayek on Virgin River? Does the New Doctor Like Mel? Find the Actor/Cast, Mark Ghanime, on Instagram!

Dr. Cameron Hayek first appears in Season 4 Episode 1 when Doc introduces him to Mel in the workplace. It turns out Doc knew Cameron's father since he was running around in short pants and they attended medical school together. The fact that Cameron is dressed sharply for work, has fantastic eyebrows, and smiles are all quite essential given that the entire point of his character is to be an openly attractive single doctor.

The ladies are clear about their affection for Cameron Hayek. Since Cameron's arrival, the office is crowded with women eager to see him in the waiting area. But Mel is the only one he is focused on.

The two grow closer every day, have heart-to-hearts in the workplace, and connect through similar experiences. As soon as Mel invites Cameron over for a barbecue so he may meet Jack, we find that he is an optimistic man looking for love and in need of some friends in the neighborhood.

Jack and Cameron have a difficult start after Cameron dismisses Jack's military service. Cameron informs Mel that he doesn't believe Jack is the proper person for her as Jack starts drinking more frequently over the season, and Mel becomes furious with him.

Cameron Hayek resigns from the practice when he finds out Mel and Jack got engaged so he won't have to work with her any longer. Mel, however, resigns when she learns that Cameron intends to leave in the hopes that he'll stay and help Doc with the practice while she's on maternity leave.

The role of Dr. Cameron Hayek is played by Mark Ghanime. The 44-year-old Lebanese-Canadian actor, Mark, made his acting debut in the Juliette Lewis film Chasing Freedom in 2004 in an uncredited cameo. Ghanime has starred in a number of well-known TV series, including Smallville, Supernatural, and The Bold Type, even if he is most recognized for his roles as Major Sergio Balleseros in Helix and Don Carlos in The CW's Reign.

Ghanime currently has just a little over 7,000 Instagram followers (@themarkghanime), but as more and more people fall in love with Dr. Cameron Hayek in the Netflix series, those numbers are sure to rise.

Mark Ghanime most recently appeared as a TV host and aspiring podcaster in The Bold Type and Listen out for Love before Season 4 of Virgin River. While it's unknown if Ghanime will feature in Virgin River Season 5, his IMDb page lists two additional future projects. So let's hope to see more of Ghanimé both in and out of Virgin River.

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