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Bling Empire Season 2: Has Dorothy Wang Had a Weight Gain?

May 22, 2022 @ 8:25 EDT
Bling Empire Season 2: Has Dorothy Wang Had a Weight Gain?

Dorothy Wang, one of the latest Bling Empire cast, is speculated by fans to have undergone weight gain after they saw her face look too big and puffy in the show. The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills had implied weight gain while talking about being too fat in that show. Dorothy Wang hasn't responded to such rumors currently.

Dorothy Wang, one of the latest addition to be cast in Netflix's Bling Empire Season 2, is not an unknown face. She has already been a part of other reality shows like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Famously Single before.

The reality star quickly went on to become one of the most loved cast on Bling Empire with her directness and unabashed habit of telling things like it is, with no sugarcoating. A habit, which has landed her in drama with Kane Lim. However, people have also come to appreciate her extremely puffed up face and have started speculating weight gain.

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Dorothy Wang's Weight Gain: Why Is The Reality Star's Face So Puffed Up?

Dorothy Wang (@dorothywang) is all over the internet these days after the release of Bling Empire Season 2 on Netflix. And even as someone in the showbiz- a reality star, it has become hard to tell whether it's a win or not that she is getting so much attention these days because most of the attention she gets is not because of her personality or brand or business but due to her appearance.

Whenever people talk about Dorothy Wang, it is about either her plastic surgery rumors or her weight gain. The talks about her weight gain has almost surpassed the talks of her cosmetic surgery speculations and just like those, the whole weight gain thing can also be traced back to her time in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Back in 2016, the fourth season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills featured a brief storyline in which Dorothy Wang was shown to be struggling with body image issues. In fact, the struggle is highlighted in a sneak peek of the show released by E! online ahead of the premiere where she was discussing her weight with EJ Johnson, Jonny Drubel, and Morgan Stewart while out for a dinner with them.

The reality star was discussing her tactics to appear skinnier than she actually was because as she said, she was 'just so fat she didn't know what to do.' But was she really? That was the question of her weight gain that the viewers did not get the answer to because her figure was hidden behind an olive green ensemble to tell. It was done intentionally, it is assumed, to not let her weight gain be visible to people. But as she talked about it, she drew more curiosity and more eyes to her body to check out the weight she claimed that she had gained.

Well, obviously Dorothy Wang had the tactics to hide her weight gain figured out. Beside hiding in dresses with monochromatic color schemes to look slim, she was going to 'fluff her hair up, which was like a Mariah Carey trick.' But rest of the cast didn't feel that she needed to do any of that as none of them felt that she was fat. Is it possible that Dorothy was being too conscious of a very negligible weight gain because others didn't think that she was overweight in any way?

Morgan told her that she did not look fat and EJ Johnson agreed to that. Morgan then proceeded to say that with girls, you can't tell if they are bigger unless they lose weight, which prompted Dorothy to suck in her cheeks to show her weight gain at which point, EJ pointed out that she looked emaciated during her break up. She and Jonny Drubel both agreed that she indeed looked skinny then.

And then Dorothy Wang dreamily recalled of her time when she lost a lot of weight following the breakup with her now ex-boyfriend Cooper Mount in 2014. Well, whatever her issues with invisible weight gain were, it was kind of nice to see that she had completely and very cleanly gotten over that breakup because it seemed that no love was lost with the boyfriend, the breakup with whom, caused her to lose weight in stress.

Dorothy Wang then remembered fondly how she used to so thin after she and Cooper Mount spilt up and gushed about how 'Even after you're done with the breakup, weight loss just keeps coming... the despair, sunken cheekbone look?' The body image issue is real. The weight gain she said that she had, meanwhile, might be something she just made up because she was running after impossible standards of body fitness.

And as for weight gain queries now, post-Bling Empire Season 2 release, Dorothy Wang has not made any comments so far. However, the rumors were sparked because her face looked extremely pumped and filled up. Her cheekbones look too lumpy and big. There was definitely weight gain on the face but because it seemed to be due to fillers, we can't tell if it was her whole body that had undergone weight gain.

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