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Dorothy Wang's Plastic Surgery: Why Is The Bling Empire Cast's Neck Wrinkled; Take a Look at Her Before Surgery Pictures!

May 21, 2022 @ 9:52 EDT
Dorothy Wang's Plastic Surgery: Why Is The Bling Empire Cast's Neck Wrinkled; Take a Look at Her Before Surgery Pictures!

Dorothy Wang from Bling Empire Season 2 is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery after her wrinkled neck caught fans' attention. The Rich Kid of Beverly Hills star had been suspected of surgery before as well. Dorothy Wang refuted such claims then before she admitted to Botox and revealed Beverly Hills cocktail IV treatment but never responded to concerns about her wrinkled neck shown by viewers of Bling Empire.

The biggest buzz of the entertainment sector currently on the internet is Bling Empire. Netflix dropped the second installment of the reality show that follows the lives of wealthy East Asian and East Asian-American socialites based in the Angeles area who are described as real-life Crazy Rich Asians on May 13.

And since then, the first American reality television series with all East Asian cast members has generated quite a lot of interest among the viewers with the drama that comes with it.

Especially, Dorothy Wang who is a new addition to the cast in Season 2 has garnered attention for the feud with Kane Lim, who suffers from notoriety among half of the fans of the show.

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Dorothy Wang's Plastic Surgery: What Did The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Star's Neck Look Like Before?

Dorothy Wang (@dorothywang), when it comes to plastic surgery, has admitted to a little Botox here and there, and revealed Beverly Hills cocktail IV treatment. The new cast of Bling Empire also appears as though she has gotten lip fillers and a nose job.

With the release of the second installment of Bling Empire, Dorothy Wang has not just garnered new fan followings and gotten love from the viewers of the show, but she has also been on the receiving end of accusations of plastic surgery. However, she is not a newbie when it comes to being targeted with such accusations of plastic surgery.

Remember the days of 2014 when Rich Kids of Beverly Hills used to air on E! Network? Dorothy Wang used to be one of those kids who were suspected of plastic surgery and so it was all over the internet. Looking back, at the time, all those speculations of her having undergone cosmetic surgery could be said to be unprompted as she looked very natural and there were no signs of any kinds of procedures on her face.

So it was a little surprising that she was in the gossip not for her straightforward personality but for her appearance and how she might have altered it artificially. She responded to it in a Dorothy Wang-style by calling out those baseless rumors in a tweet,

I love how every time I have good makeup, people accuse me of plastic surgery #itscalledCONTOUR

Because she has zero issues calling things like it is, which is the thing about her that has landed her in drama in Bling Empire, I think we can throw any skepticism to the wind and take her for what she has said. Besides, she doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would deny plastic surgery if she has had it.

However, that was about eight years ago and these are different times we are living in now. For instance, it is the post-Bling Empire world now where she is known for Bling Empire rather than Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Famously Single. And her appearance also looks like it is after plastic surgery. Her neck is an entirely different matter. Though what, fans are still scratching their head about that. So, yeah, the internet is partially buzzing with Dorothy Wang's plastic surgery and lack of in the neck area.

This time, it's hard to watch a scene in the reality show with her and not focus on her face. In fact, in the beginning, every time she was on the screen, people used to be taken aback by her face and her neck so were focused on staring at her rather than listening to what was going on for the most part before they learned to tear her eyes away from her to enjoy the drama she brings with her no-nonsense attitude.

Dorothy Wang now looks completely different from before. Her face is all pumped up and swollen. Her forehead seems unnaturally smooth and her nose, it was already narrow before, looks so refined and sharp which cannot be achieved by all the contouring. And she definitely had lip fillers because how else do you explain those puffy lips?

Besides, it's not just her new face that has sparked surgery rumors but it's also her neck. In the show, her wrinkled neck was in complete contrast with her smooth face. They say in the age of plastic surgery, if you want to know people's age, look at their neck. They forgot to account for necklift but seem like Dorothy did too. Or maybe because her neck seems to have too many wrinkles to have naturally aged, it's a case of botched surgery.

So plastic surgery talks were obviously coming. The only thing is this time people knew and just needed confirmation from no-nonsense Dorothy Wang.

And hear, hear! Dorothy has chosen not to avoid fans' queries about cosmetic surgery she has had, and admitted it not recently but way before. In a game of Never have I ever with her costars, she admitted to a little bit of Botox here and there.

In addition to that, she shared via an Instagram post to getting a "Beverly Hills Cocktail." And people also want her to get her neck threaded. They are way too concerned about the wrinkles on her neck.

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