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Dominic Sherwood’s Girlfriend: The Partner Track Cast Is Dating Decker Sadowski in 2022; Netflix Update!

Sep 2, 2022 @ 0:50 EDT
Dominic Sherwood’s Girlfriend: The Partner Track Cast Is Dating Decker Sadowski in 2022; Netflix Update!

Dominic Sherwood, one of the cast members of Netflix's Partner Track, is currently dating his girlfriend, Decker Sadowski. Some sources claim that the couple has been dating since 2021, however, the couple made their relationship public earlier this year in March 2022.

Partner Track on Netflix is the newest drama focused on the workplace to capture our interest, and it's safe to say we're quite ready for more. The show, which is currently ranked number five on Netflix's top ten list, follows lawyer Ingrid Yun as she strives to become a partner at a prestigious New York City firm.

Partner Track, which is based on the Helen Wan novel, combines romance with professional rivalry as Ingrid must choose between her charming previous one-night partner Jeff Murphy and her current boyfriend Nick Laren. Both of the actors who play Jeff and Nick have managed to gain the attraction of many viewers.

While we previously talked about the relationship status of the Nick Laren actor, Rob Heaps, it's now time for us to discuss if the Jeff Murphy actor, Dominic Sherwood, has a girlfriend. Well, let's find out who Dominic is dating in real life.

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Dominic Sherwood Is Dating His Girlfriend, Decker Sadowski, in 2022: The Partner Track Cast Made His Relationship Public Earlier This Year; Netflix Update!

Dominic Sherwood (@domsherwood) is currently his girlfriend, Decker Sadowski. The Partner Track cast and Sadowski have been dating since 2021, but they only recently made their relationship on the Instagram public when Sherwood shared a sweet clip of them sharing a kiss in March 2022.

Not too long after, Sadowski posted a photo collection of herself and her partner chilling out at a farm in April 2022. We can't help but be moved by this lovely couple, especially given how much they appear to have in common.

The future? Maybe they'll be in a TV show together soon. Yes, Decker is also an actress like her boyfriend, Dominic Sherwood. She is well known for her roles in popular TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the Hitchcock & Scully episode of season six, she played Young Marissa Costa. She also made an appearance in the movies Beverly Hills Ghost in 2018 and When Today Ends in 2021.

Sadowski isn't the only actress who caught Sherwood's heart; from 2014 to 2017, the Shadowhunters actor dated Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. On the Vampire Academy set, Hyland and Sherwood first encountered each other. They were infatuated with one another during the period of their relationship. They didn't hold back in declaring their love to the world, whether it was through intense PDA or glowing interviews.

In a 2016 interview, Dominic Sherwood said that Sarah helped him to be better. He explained,

Sarah makes me want to be a better version of myself. That’s what I love most about her. She inspires me to be the best version of me.

The relationship ended despite the couple's deep love for one another. The two split in various directions. Sherwood briefly dated his other Vampire Academy co-star Lucy Fry in 2017 before dating model Niamh Adkins the following year, while Hyland continued to date her now-husband, Adam Wells.

All of his heartaches ultimately led Dominic Sherwood to Decker Sadowski (@deckersadowski), and it appears he has never been happier than he is right now with her. It seems as if the couple is madly in love with each other and we don't see them breaking up any time sooner.

Dominic is 32 years old in 2022 and we might get seem him getting married very soon. However, we can't be sure of anything right now as it has not been long since the couple's relationship.

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