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Does Theo Die in Netflix’s First Kill? Does the Show Hint About His Death After Escaping With His Stepmom?

Jun 23, 2022 @ 6:38 EDT
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Does Theo Die in Netflix’s First Kill? Does the Show Hint About His Death After Escaping With His Stepmom?

Many Reddit users wonder if Theo, played by Phillip Mullings Jr., dies at the end of Netflix's First Kill. Apollo stabs him after he finds out about the affair between Apollo and Elinor. Theo becomes a vampire after Juliette saves her by biting him. His father, Jack, wants to kill him after he discovers that he has become a vampire now. However, Talia, Theo's stepmom, saves him, and the two escape. Therefore, nothing has been hinted at about his death by the end of Season 1 of the show. Moreover, the show also has not disclosed his full name.

First Kill, a Netflix original series, introduces viewers to an unexpected romance between a vampire and a vampire hunter. Though they are classmates, Juliette and Calliope cannot be together because of their separate legacies.

While the latter is descended from a famous family of monster hunters, the former is a lengthy line of vampires. A string of horrific incidents is sparked as Juliette and Calliope struggle to protect their growing relationship.

The rest of their families embrace a more violent approach as Juliette and Calliope try to make their relationship work. Theo and Apollo, Calliope's demon-hunter brothers, frequently find themselves in the thick of the action, and Theo sustains serious injuries toward the end of season 1.

Viewers wonder if Theo dies. Well, here is everything we know about how he got the injuries and if he actually dies in the Netflix show.

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First Kill: Does Theo Die in the Netflix Show? How Does His Stepmom, Talia, Save Him?

Theo, played by Phillip Mullings Jr. (@phillipmullingsjr), is revealed to be Jack's son from a previous marriage and is actually Calliope and Apollo's half-brother. He starts seeing visions of the past when his mother is brutally murdered after going through a severe ritual with his sister.

Theo makes a promise to identify the killer of his mother since he now feels distanced from his own family. In reality, he and his father, Jack, have been preparing for their epic battle with the monster for a long time.

Apollo makes a commitment to help in the search for his mother's killer after realizing what is torturing his half-brother. Apollo is notorious for making bad decisions, as has been demonstrated time and time again. Elinor is Juliette's wily vampire older sister, and he intended to use her as an informant, but it doesn't go as planned.

Later in the Netflix show, Theo actually discovers his half-brother and the vampire sharing a kiss as Apollo is distracted by his attraction to Elinor. Elinor's affair with Apollo is abruptly ended by Theo after discovering her dishonesty. However, Apollo stabs his half-brother during the subsequent conflict. Tragically, it appears as though Theo is dead until Juliette quietly saves him.

When the young vampire finds Theo, who has been fatally hurt, he bites him, converting him into a vampire as well. Thus, Juliette not only saves his life but also makes him a sworn enemy of his family by transforming him into a vampire.

Theo soon faces another threat to his life, this time coming from his own family. Jack decides to kill Theo after learning that his son is a vampire. While getting ready for the deadly silver-tipped weapons, he secures the recently turned vampire in his basement. Talia, Jack's wife, is strongly opposed to killing their son.

Later, Talia decides to murder Theo, but she later misleads Jack and escapes with her stepson. As a result, he and Talia are both missing at the end of the first season of First Kill.  Despite being in a weakened state as a result of his recent transformation into a vampire, the former has the build of an experienced hunter and is most likely to survive.

The members of the hunting guild are on high alert, and Theo is continuously in great danger as a result of his total vulnerability to silver. Talia, who is a fellow guild member and can help sway her colleagues away from him, is his only chance for survival.

It's interesting to note that when Calliope learns that Juliette transformed her brother into a vampire, their connection ends. Since Theo is unfamiliar with vampire norms, Juliette might also help him out, which could help them rebuild their relationship.

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