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Does Paige Lassiter Come Back to Virgin River Season 4? Why Did She Leave the Town in Season 3? Does She Kill Vince?

Jul 28, 2022 @ 0:37 EDT
Does Paige Lassiter Come Back to Virgin River Season 4? Why Did She Leave the Town in Season 3? Does She Kill Vince?

Paige Lassiter, one of the characters in Netflix's Virgin River, moves to the town with his son, Christopher, in order to escape from his abusive ex-husband, Wes. She even gets closer to Preacher. However, Wes tracks her. Paige accidentally kills Wes after getting involved in a physical fight. She then leaves Virgin River after burying Wes' dead body. As Vince, Wes' twin brother, kidnaps Christopher, fans wonder if Paige comes back to Virgin River in Season 4. Well, we've got you covered.

Virgin River Season 4 finally arrived on Netflix as part of the 2022 TV schedule, and it did not disappoint when it came to exciting relationship developments and dramatic romantic turns, as is typical for the twisting, small-town romance. Season 3 ended with a number of cliffhangers, and you can bet that the most recent batch of episodes did its job by addressing fan concerns and providing us with additional material to discuss until Season 5 premieres.

During the first several seasons of Virgin River, Paige Lassiter played a significant role. Paige, played by Lexa Doig, looked after her son Christopher and ran a transportable bakery. She and Preacher get along well and it's obvious they adore each other a lot.

However, she runs away from the town after, accidentally, killing his ex-husband, Wes. She leaves the town handing her son to Preacher to take care of him. In the Season 3 finale, we see Christopher getting kidnapped by Wes' twin brother, Vince. With this viewers wonder if she comes back to Virgin River to rescue her son in Season 4. Well, we've got you covered.

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Does Paige Lassiter Come Back to Virgin River? Why Did She Leave the Town in Season 3? Does She Kill Vince?

After leaving Virgin River in fear for her safety, Paige Lassiter was gone for a significant portion of the previous season. Paige disclosed her real identity once she grew close to Preacher.

She had a new identity since she wanted to start a new life for herself and her son Christopher and to get away from her abusive partner, Wes. However, Wes quickly caught up to her, and the two engaged in a physical fight. Wes died when Paige unintentionally pushed him down the stairs.

Preacher helped her bury Wes' body before anybody else could find out after she later confessed to him. She was forced to leave Virgin River, Preacher said that he would take care of Christopher. Preacher fretted about Paige when he heard nothing from her after she had left. It was a trap when a friend of Paige's in season 3 stated she could bring Preacher to her.

With the help of drugs, Preacher was knocked unconscious, and in the meantime, Wes' brother Vince kidnapped Christopher. Preacher was unable to calm down because neither Paige nor Christophers' whereabouts were known. He ultimately spoke to Christopher in season four, who used Vince's phone to call him from a motel room.

In Season 4 of the show, Christopher gets spotted by Preacher at an abandoned log cabin in the woods. Meanwhile, Paige also comes back to the town. When she unexpectedly showed up, Vince experienced the shock of his life. She explained that despite being a resident of a women's refuge camp, she left to notify Preacher of a deal.

Vince promised her that if she gladly took Christopher's place, he would give him back. Obviously, Preacher advised her to decline and promised her that he would return Christopher home safely. Paige agreed with the agreement and left with Vince while Preacher was out, letting Christopher be released.

After being questioned by Vince regarding his brother's death, Paige was then seen being carried back to the chalet. Vince was about to kill her when Preacher stepped in and stopped him. Preacher and Vince got involved in battle right in front of Paige as she watched in fear. She pulled out a gun and got ready to try to shoot Vince, but Preacher hit him in the head and knocked him unconscious.

It's unclear at this point if Preacher actually killed Vince with the hit. Preacher and Paige appear to be free to go back to Virgin River in the meantime so they may meet up with Christopher.

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