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Does Juliette Fairmont Get Her First Kill in Netflix’s First Kill? In Which Episode Does She Kill Clayton Cook?

Jun 23, 2022 @ 5:28 EDT
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Does Juliette Fairmont Get Her First Kill in Netflix’s First Kill? In Which Episode Does She Kill Clayton Cook?
Juliette Fairmont does get her first kill in Netflix's First Kill Season 1. She initially plans to kill Calliope but fails to do so. Later, she falls in love with Calliope and eventually kills Clayton Cook in episode 4 of the show to protect Calliope and other friends. Some Reddit users wonder how she gets her first kill. Well, here is everything we know.

The most recent supernatural teen drama, First Kill on Netflix, is mostly a Romeo and Juliet story set in a world where vampires and monster-hunters exist. It explores the narrative behind a vampire and a monster hunter, both of whom are young teenage girls, Juliette and Calliope.

High school girls Juliette and Calliope, who battle to accept their true identities and fit in with their circumstances, are at the center of this drama, at least initially. Although First Kill starts off with a reasonably straightforward plot, things quickly unravel and fall apart, perhaps a little too much, as Savannah fears a monster revival in large numbers.

The young vampire Juliette Fairmont comes from a family of strong legacy vampires who are eager for her to carry on their strong legacy with her first kill in the first season of the show. So, does she get her first kill? Let's find it out right below.

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Did Juliette Get Her First Kill in the Netflix Show? Why Did She Kill Clayton Cook?

A young vampire's first kill is significant in the world of legacies since the ritual symbolizes their maturing process as vampires. On the first moon after the kill, a consecration ceremony is organized to celebrate the achievement.

They inherit their birthright as a legacy on this occasion. The Emerald Malkia, the queen mother serpent who controls the ancient vampire power of the legacies, makes the decision on their acceptance throughout the ceremony.

Juliette was extraordinarily attracted to Calliope and had been considering her as a potential target for her first kill since the first episode. She was already attracted to Cal in some way on a sexual level, but Jules was starting to believe that this was more than simply an attraction. She then understood that Calliope would be her first victim because of her vampire instincts.

This doesn't exactly work out, though. At a house party, when things between the two get hot and heavy, Juliette bites Cal's neck due to her vampiric instincts. Juliette attempts to stake her in the heart, but Cal, who hails from a family of monster hunters, is already one step ahead of her and quickly escapes. The stake in Juliette's heart does not kill her because she is a heritage vampire.

When Juliette gets home from the party, she lies to her family about her first kill to get them to stop bothering her, but preparations for her consecration ceremony start. The young vamp takes responsibility for the killing of local teen Ashley Stanton, who was discovered dead at the same party.

Some Reddit users have questioned whether Juliette genuinely succeeds because a legacy vampire's first kill is an accomplishment to be praised. Yes, on the night of her consecration ceremony, Juliette does indeed accomplish the first kill in episode 4 of the series. Members of the Guardian Guild ambush the legacy festivities during the event, and chaos inevitably erupts.

Clayton Cook, the monster hunter who had been harassing Cal the entire time, was killed by Juliette and Calliope as they were trying to get away from the mess caused by the monster hunters' attack on the consecration ceremony.

The only thing Jules could do to stop this insane and psychopathic monster hunter from harming Cal and her friends was to kill him. In First Kill, Juliette did actually kill. But unlike the other Legacy vampires, she didn't kill for the purpose of killing; rather, she had to in order to survive.

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