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Surviving Summer: Do Ari and Summer Get Together? Why Do They Kiss?

Jun 7, 2022 @ 8:36 EDT
Surviving Summer: Do Ari and Summer Get Together? Why Do They Kiss?

Fans wonder if Ari (Kai Lewins) and Summer (Sky Katz) get together at the end of the show after watching Surviving Summer on Netflix. The couple does share a kiss, however, the show ends up with both of the characters returning back to their hometown. Moreover, we can hope for Season 2 of the show where both of the cast might get together. Also, Kai and Sky are not related to each other as many fans wonder if they were cousins in real life.

Surviving Summer, a teen drama series on Netflix created by Josh Mapleston and Joanna Werner, revolves around the title character, Summer Torres. After being expelled from two schools, the stubborn Brooklyn teenager is forced to move to Shorehaven, Victoria, Australia, and live with family friends on the other side of the world.

Summer initially hates the thought of living with virtual strangers in an unfamiliar environment, but she can't help but fall in love with the town, the people, and the surfing culture.

Surviving Summer is a straightforward show that portrays Summer's different ups and downs as she navigates life in her own rebellious style. Throughout its first season, the narrative is sprinkled with humor while dealing with certain true-to-life issues such as settling in a new town, falling in love, and surfing.

Similarly, Summer apparently connects with the two characters of the show. Viewers seek more details about her relationship with Ari. So, let's find out if Ari and Summer get together at the end of the show.

Previously, we touched on the cast and Season 2.

Surviving Summer: Do Ari and Summer Get Together at the End of the Show? Do They Kiss Each Other?

In the Netflix show, Summer (Sky Katz) meets Ari (Kai Lewins), an eager surfer who is a stickler for the rules and the total opposite of Summer, when she arrives in the coastal town of Shorehaven, Victoria.

Throughout the first few episodes of Surviving Summer, the two are frequently at odds, but as the series progresses, the duo and their eclectic group of friends grow closer and form an unbreakable relationship.

Ari looks for Summer before going to his competition because he wants her to see him, but his parents tell him that she departed for the airport an hour ago and left a letter for them in which she confesses that she was the one who made him go to the party and ride the waves.

Her acts were the cause of all his problems. Ari's parents apologize for pushing Summer on him, but he's filled with guilt. At the end of episode 9, the two put their prior disagreements and insults aside and share a kiss, both expressing their dissatisfaction at Summer's departure.

Summer's disapproving mother comes on the scene, preparing to take her daughter back to New York, interrupting the beautiful moment. Summer kisses Ari one last time before being taken away on her flight, whispering "Don't miss me too much" as her parting words to Ari.

Summer and Ari do share a kiss or two at the end of the first season of Surviving Summer, but they don't end up in a serious relationship. The series' final scenes show Ari and Summer returning to their respective homes, Ari to the beach and surfing with his friends, and Summer to New York.

Despite the fact that the two characters have returned to the locations where their stories began, the experience of being around each other has changed them both. We cut back to the beach as Ari and his friends prepare to face the waves now that Summer has left, having assisted Ari in taking the first step toward full recovery.

Summer's final scene shows her checking her phone to look at a photo from her time in Australia, indicating that she cherishes the memories of her time there, but it's unclear whether she'll return to Australia in the second season of Surviving Summer to reunite with Ari.

Apart from the show, many fans wondered if Sky Katz (@skykatz) and Kai Lewins (@kailewins) were related to each other. Some even believe they are cousins. Well, it's untrue as both of them have not commented anything about their relationship yet. Also, it would be really weird if Netflix had cast cousins as an on-screen couple.

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