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Did Denny Steal Money From Doc? Who Is Denny Cutler’s Father? Meet Actor Kai Bradbury on Instagram; Virgin River Season 4 Update!

Jul 25, 2022 @ 11:58 EDT
Did Denny Steal Money From Doc? Who Is Denny Cutler’s Father? Meet Actor Kai Bradbury on Instagram; Virgin River Season 4 Update!

Fans wonder if Denny Cutler did steal money from Doc in Netflix's Virgin River. Played by Kai Bradbury, he is one of the newest characters in the show and claims to be the grandson of Doc. He also adds that his father, Ryan Cutler, died just a month ago while his mother died when he was a child. He also acts as if something is wrong with him and is a bad guy.

Additionally, he was seen using clonazepam (aka Klonopin) as he was suffering from Huntington's disease. In Season 4, Mel catches him stealing into the clinic's medicine cabinet. Fans wonder if he really did steal money from Doc. Did he? Well, follow the article to know more about Denny Cutler and the actor who plays the role of him. 

Virgin River, a Netflix original series, follows the residents of the fictional titular town in California. It revolves around Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse practitioner and midwife, who arrives in town looking for a fresh start following the terrible murder of her husband at the beginning of the narrative.

Since the show is back for Season 4, and a new character is stirring up trouble in town. No, we're not talking about the new sex hot new doctor, Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanime). Denny Cutler, played by Kai Bradbury, who appeared in the last seconds of Virgin River's Season 3 finale, is the subject of our conversation.

In the first few episodes of season 4, several of Virgin River's curious residents start to have doubts about Denny, with Muriel specifically taking the time to warn Doc that he might be trying to trick both him and Hope. When Doc's grandson visits the bank after finding a box containing the clinic's financial records, it seems as though he is proving Muriel correct in episode 8.

Fans of Virgin River have been wondering whether Denny, the newcomer, really did steal money from Doc as a result of his shady behavior throughout season 4. Well, we've got you covered.

Previously, we touched on Denny's health condition.

Virgin River Season 4: Did Denny Really Steal Money From Doc? Who Is His Father? Meet Actor Kai Bradbury on Instagram!

Denny Cutler arrives in Virgin River and introduces himself as Vernon Mullins' grandson. He first made an appearance in the season 3 finale, and in Season 4 episode 1 he reveals up at Doc's door and shares surprising information.

Denny informs Doc that he is the grandson of Rose Miller, whom he dated in college but broke up with when Vernon left for medical school. Doc had been informed that Rose had passed away decades earlier, but he reveals that she is still alive, despite the fact that both of his parents were dead already.

The Virgin River locals are soon informed by Doc that he has a grandchild. Doc also introduces Denny to Lizzie, and the two get along right away. Muriel warns Doc to be careful of Denny's intentions despite his warm introduction, noting that not everything about him is as it seems.

Denny may first come out as a totally charming person, but his behavior consistently makes people wonder about him. It is evident that he and Lizzie like one other after Doc introduces them, but every time Lizzie tries to get near to him, Denny pushes her away and makes an effort to keep her at a distance.

Mel catches him stealing into the clinic's medicine cabinet in episode 5. And suspicion surrounding Denny grows later in the season, after Lizzie discovers a bottle of clonazepam (aka Klonopin) in his drawer that is prescribed for someone else, suspicion surrounding him grows.

However, the alarm bells start to ring when Denny discovers a box of paperwork revealing the clinic's financial information and later visits the bank to deposit a substantial quantity of money.

We later learn that Denny was not actually stealing. In episode 8, when Doc questions him about looking through the clinic's financial records, he explains why he went to the bank.

Denny admits that, rather than stealing from Doc, he actually used the insurance payment he received following his father's passing to pay off the clinic's mortgage. He informs Doc that he intended to spend the funds on something positive, something that will honor his father's memory while benefiting others. So yeah, Denny did not steal any money from Doc.

Additionally, Denny Cutler is played by British Columbian actor Kai Bradbury (@kaibury), 28, who is from Vancouver. If Bradbury looks familiar, it's because he's Scottish and Japanese whom you might also recognize from other TV series like 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?', The Boys, and Supernatural.

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