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Love is Blind: Deepti Vempati Before Weight Loss is the Topic of Curiosity!

Feb 20, 2022 @ 4:49 EST
Love is Blind: Deepti Vempati Before Weight Loss is the Topic of Curiosity!

Deepti Vempati from Love is Blind Season 2 is rumored to have undergone weight loss after her physique was scrutinized closely, partly because of Shake's preoccupation with it. However, Deepti has not come forth and addressed those weight loss rumors. But this has not stopped Love is Blind fans to look for Deepti Vempati before weight loss photos.

The second season of the reality dating show Love Is Blind on Netflix has brought six couples for the audience to gauge their chemistry, figure out their personalities, and dissect their behaviors to match them to their respective partners.

Though most of the couples are just taken with a lukewarm reception and compared to their counterparts of the former season, thought to be very bland, one contestant has kind of received the attention for herself not because of the relationship but because of the rumors.

Deepti Vempati is a 31-year old information data analyst. Born in India and raised in America, she describes herself as a product of two cultures intertwined into one soul. She is hoping to find true love on the show and light up his life because her name literally means light.

She soon finds someone but could it be her true love if he puts too much focus on her weight and physical appearance? You may also want to check out Danielle Ruhl's story. Likewise, we looked at the relationship status of Kyle and Deepti.

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Deepti Vempati's Weight Loss: What's the Tea?

In Love Is Blind Season 2 which started with 15 single men and 15 single women in a pod, only 12 of them managed to find someone they wanted to see a future with- with whom they got engaged. Deepti Vempati (@lifewithdeeps) was one of them.

Deepti could be headed somewhere with Abhishek 'Shake' Chatterjee (@thepuppydoc), especially after episode 9 where Shake has a heartfelt talk with Deepti and shows his vulnerable side.

Although Deepshake is generally liked as a couple, Deepti Vempati, at one time, gained a lot of traction in the form of curiosity about her physical appearance and weight, one of the reasons for which could be Shake's initial not-so-subtle but not a so-much-in-your-face obsession with Deepti's weight.

Since the viewers of the show became quite fixated on Deepti Vempati's weight and her physical appearance in general, gossip about her losing weight started to take off. Rumor has it that her weight loss was not because she was ill rather it could be attributed to her being on a diet.

Besides those weight things, the originality of the shape of her nose was also questioned and doubted. There are a lot of somebodies who believe that there is a strange change in her nostrils that everybody observes. And some people think that there's a possibility of Deepti being transgender because apparently, she looks like one.

A lot of rumors in her name had been spread after Love is Blind started. However, Deepti Vempati, for all parts of it, has opted out of acknowledging it and letting people think and believe whatever they like to think and believe. She seems not hung up on it. She is likely not concerned about rumors in the least and just wants to find love.

Speaking of her love, she and Shake appear to be cool now. But it wasn't always so. Rewind some episodes back when the contestants were just talking to and feeling each other out on the pod. As Shake and Deepti were making small talks, Shake indirectly asks how much Deepti weighs.

In their first conversation, Shake talks about how he likes to go to music festivals a lot and that he would love to swing her up onto his shoulders if they ever went to one together. He doesn't stop there and goes on to ask if he would be physically able to do that with Deepti Vempati. Very smooth, Shake! But careful cause' Deepti almost slipped through his fingers.

Deepti Vempati almost axed him from the relationship prospects for being a little obsessive about weight after signing up on a blind date show Love Is Blind which was supposed to be about finding connections with no care about physicality.

It kind of defeats the purpose of the show but the stars were in his favor because Deepti Vempati still gave him a chance. She returns to the pod and talks with him.

They found a point of commonality that both of them had never dated others with similar heritage and made note of how their families will approve of their relationship. And then Shake proposed to Deepti and now they are engaged.

But things took an unexpected turn after they met. Shake seemed to be immediately sexually attracted to Deepti when he first saw her and he didn't bother keeping his hands to himself.

But mere days later, he makes a confession to fellow contestant Jarette Jones that he isn't physically attracted to Deepti Vempati, and that he feels like he is with his aunt when he is with her. Is he hung up on her looks still?

All his doubts and dithering about Deepti eventually culminated in a long conversation with her in Episode 9, where he talked emotionally about his insecurities and gave his own insights about why he might have acted the way he did.

Deepti in turn gave him a sincere smile and told him that this could be their chance to start a long-lasting relationship and build a family together.

So, will Shake and Deepti be tied together in marital bonds? Or will Shake be unable to move past the physical aspects? Or will Deepti change her mind about Shake? You will find out about it at the finale on February 25.

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