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Temeluchus From Dead End Paranormal Park: Meet the Demon’s Voice Actor/Cast, Alex Brightman!

Jun 20, 2022 @ 12:47 EDT
Temeluchus From Dead End Paranormal Park: Meet the Demon’s Voice Actor/Cast, Alex Brightman!

Temeluchus from Netflix's 'Dead End: Paranormal Park' is a demon who seeks for a human body to possess. He initially chooses Barny, however, ends up possessing Pugsley. Alex Brightman is the voice actor/cast for both Temeluchus and Pugsley. Later, Courtney decides to offer him a human body if he lets her return back to her home. Norma, on the other hand, comes out with a plan to rescue Pugsley. The demon's sister also makes an appearance as she gets tired of her brother's doings. Follow the article to know more about the demon and what happens with him.

The animated television series Dead End: Paranormal Park is a new and exciting show which premiered on Netflix only a week ago. The series, directed by Liz Whitaker, features both comedic and frightening elements. The representation of trans and queer characters is a unique feature of the show.

The series' premise centers around the lives of two employees teenagers Barney and Norma. They both work at a haunted house in a make-believe theme park. Other characters that join them in strange and unsettling events are Pugsley and Courtney.

A demon named Temeluchus is also featured in the show. Many viewers of the show are actually curious to know about the demon and his doings in the Netflix series. Well, we've got you covered.

Who Is Temeluchus in Netflix’s Dead End Paranormal Park: The Demon’s Voice Actor/Cast Is Alex Brightman!

In the show, Barney and Norma mistakenly believed they were being interviewed for a job at the haunted mansion, but it was all a hoax to hide something horrible. Temeluchus, a demon ruler, was looking for a body to possess and he chose Barney.

Pugsley runs and jumps in front of the laser that was about to hit Barney to save him as he is about to be possessed by Temeluchus. Unfortunately, this means Pugsley is now under the control of the demon king. The possessed Pugsley then searches for a throne to claim. He takes off, and Barney and Norma set out on a mission to track him down.

Norma comes up with a plan to stop the demon king. A photo of Temeluchus must be taken to capture his soul in order to stop him. This was something Norma learned from one of Pauline Phoenix's TV presentations. She got confirmation when she remembered Temeluchus' demand not to take any photos.

After numerous failed efforts at capturing pictures of Temeluchus, Barney, and Norma attempt to escape the demon king. They learn the demon hasn't completely taken over Pugsley while leaving the demon king. So, while Barney amuses him, Norma takes a photograph of him. Pugsley passes out but appears to return to his previous state.

However, when Courtney holds a piece of Pugsley's fur up to Norma's photo of Barney and Pugsley, it confirms that Temeluchus is still inside. The photo begins to shine brightly as soon as she does this.

Temeluchus, according to Courtney, brought the mascots to life. The demon commanded empty suits of armor and made them come alive a long time ago. So it appears that the devil king has done it once more, this time with mascots. Courtney is hopeful that she will be able to return home soon now that the demon king still has possession of Pugsley.

Courtney is looking for a spell book for Pugsley at the Dead End haunted mansion. Courtney gives it to Pugsley after she discovers it. Temeluchus, she believes, gave him more than simply the ability to walk and communicate. Courtney uses Pugsley to speak with Temeluchus, while Barney rethinks what to text his younger brother for his birthday.

Temeluchus' younger sister discovers that he is the ruler of the neutral plane. She explains that she would pay her brother a visit since she is tired of Temeluchus constantly getting everything ahead of her.

It'd be really unfair if we explain what happens in the end and how the show ends up for Temeluchus. Now that we've given you a lot of ideas of who the demon really is and his doings, visit Netflix and watch the show as it is available on the streaming platform.

Furthermore, Temeluchus and Pugsley are both voiced by Alex Brightman. He is a singer, songwriter, and actor with a lot of potentials. He is most recognized for his roles as the lead character in Beetlejuice the Musical and as Dewey Finn in the musical adaption of School of Rock.

Alex Brightman was nominated for Tony Awards for his performances in both musicals. Alex has largely appeared in live-action and animated series such as Teen Titans Go!, The Good Fight, The Blacklist, and Law & Order: SVU outside of the theatre.

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