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Norma From Dead End Paranormal Park: Is She Autistic? Meet Norma Voice Actor, Kody Kavitha!

Jun 19, 2022 @ 5:16 EDT
Norma From Dead End Paranormal Park: Is She Autistic? Meet Norma Voice Actor, Kody Kavitha!

Norma, one of the characters in Netflix's 'Dead End: Paranormal Park', is very shy and is scared about making her appearance in the public. She joins Barney to apply for a job in the park. However, they eventually find out that they were meant to be sacrificed by Courtney. Her age is not mentioned in the show, however, she looks like in her early teenage years. Viewers of the show also believe she is autistic. Follow the article to know more about Norma and her voice actor/cast, Kody Kavitha.

This week, Netflix released Dead End: Paranormal Park, a new animated series for kids. It is an animated series directed by Liz Whitaker and produced by Blink Industries. The series is based on Hamish Steele's webcomic titled DeadEndia.

During the summer, two teenagers and a talking dog named Pugsley work at a theme park haunted house, and the story chronicles their exploits. The group encounters demons, ghosts, wizards, zombies, witches, and crushes while working at the haunted house. And they could be the ones to save the planet from a supernatural apocalypse.

Barney, a teen trans boy who works at a haunted house, is voiced by Zach Barack. The rest of the incredible voice cast includes Kody Kavitha as Norma, Alex Brightman as Pugsley/Temeluchus, Emily Osment as Courtney, Clinton Leupp as Pauline Phoenix, Kenny Tran as Logan, and Kathreen Khavari as Badyah.

As audiences are more curious to know about Norma, here is everything you need to know about her and how the show ends for her.

Who Is Norma in Netflix’s Dead End? Is She Autistic? Meet Norma’s Voice Cast, Kody Kavitha!

In the Netflix show, Norma is a shy character who suffers from anxiety and a fear of the outside world. She has a hard time forming meaningful bonds with others, and it makes her nervous when she has to meet someone or a group for the first time. She is obsessed with Pauline's character because she conveys grace and a charm that Norma believes she lacks.

She was a little envious of Barney at first because of their strong tendency for making friends quickly. Everyday tasks that others may take for granted, such as handshakes, or even buying food in a public location, or greetings, can become extremely challenging for those with social anxiety.

When she is forced to hold hands with the others as part of a group bonding activity in Episode 3, it causes her anxiety, and she considers herself as small as possible to get out of the situation.

Norma could also be autistic or on the autism spectrum, as she enjoys routines and gets enthused about clinical procedures that involve no interaction. She is obsessed with Pauline; because Pauline is a constant in her life, her appearance does not change with time, indicating that she is an absolute characteristic.

Norma, on the other hand, is fine dealing with Temeluchus and his sister when they make chaos because she has come to expect these shifts from a park.

Barney, Pugsley, and Courtney become mainstays in Norma's life, allowing her to maintain her balance. However, when Pauline revealed herself to be a ghost and a traitor, she lost to shock and attempted to remain in the movie reels the party had entered while attempting to escape Pauline.

Norma preferred to remain in the reel world rather than return to the actual world since the one constant in her life changed dramatically, and her brain couldn't absorb it. Badyah was one of the characters who really supported her.

Badyah acknowledged Norma's worries and restrictions and guided her through her journey. She began with small steps, respecting her boundaries.

Norma is unable to process touch because she is socially apprehensive. As a result, Badyah sat alongside her during their first substantial meeting, keeping a safe distance for her comfort, and smiled at her as a hello after Norma declined the handshake. Over time, she was encouraged by small steps.

Norma's voice is performed by Kody Kavitha (@thatkodygirl) in the Netflix series. She is an outstanding actress as well as a voiceover artist. Sunita in Nickelodeon's Rise of the Teenage Mutant Turtles, Cocoa Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and Samosa in the Cartoon Network series Apple & Onion are among her most well-known roles.

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