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Barney From Dead End Paranormal Park: Meet the Trans Character’s Voice Actor/Cast, Zach Barrack!

Jun 19, 2022 @ 4:06 EDT
Barney From Dead End Paranormal Park: Meet the Trans Character’s Voice Actor/Cast, Zach Barrack!

Based on Hamish Steele's webcomic named DeadEndia, Netflix's Dead End: Paranormal Park follows Barney who is a trans character. His family, especially his grandmother, is upset with his gender. He has a crush on Logan Nguyen and wanted to make him his boyfriend. Along with Norma, he decides to apply for a job in the park. Later, they discover that Courtney was planning on sacrificing them to Temeluchus as a sacrifice. Follow the article to know more about Barney and Zach Barrack, the voice actor/cast behind his voice.

Netflix's new animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park is currently trending on the streaming platform. Based on Hamish Steele's webcomic named DeadEndia, the series portrays Barney, a young teen kid with an electric blue ombre, and his dog Pugsley relocating into a haunted amusement park where they begin working (and fighting monsters) alongside Norma, a fellow teen-turned-friend.

Dead End, a colorful journey exploring the hardships and pleasures of teenage years as its core trio battles demons, demons, and their insecurities, may sound like a typical kids' cartoon, but it isn't.

The 10-episode adventure features a racially, gender, and sexually diverse cast, with Zach Barack (the MCU's first openly trans actor) as Barney, Kody Kavitha as Norma, Alex Brightman as Pugsley/Temeluchus, Emily Osment as Courtney, and Clinton Leupp a.k.a. Miss Coco Peru as the park's big-haired founder Pauline Phoenix, among others, leading the main cast members.

Many viewers of the show want to know more about Barney, one of the leading characters in the show. They wonder how the shoe ends for him. Well, we've got you covered.

Who Is Barney, Played by Zach Barrack, in Netflix’s Dead End? Who Is the Trans Character’s Boyfriend?

Barney is a trans boy and leading character in the show. Pauline, a fantastic singer, and actor who is admired by many opens an amusement park in her glory. There have been numerous disappearances at this amusement park, which is filled with riddles. Barney and Norma are both interested in working in Phoenix Park as it announces a job vacancy.

To get away from his parents, Barney chooses to work in Phoenix Park. Being a trans person in society brings with it lots of new false assumptions. Unfortunately, the majority of the opinions come from close family members. In his case, it was his grandmother's advice on how he should return to the former self that caused him pain.

What harmed Barney most was that, although seeming to accept him, his parents never stood up to grandma in order to stay out of trouble. This made him feel claustrophobic, and he formed a desire to escape. Despite the fact that Barney and Norma were offered as a sacrifice, they preferred to stay at the castle to avoid the unpleasant truth that awaited them back home.

In episode 3, Barney is challenged with a fear demon, who almost verifies their fear of not being heard and accepted for who they are as individuals. He was unable to gradually overcome his fear and return to normal life due to their dog, Pugsley, Courtney, and Norma.

Logan Nguyen was another person, besides Patrick, who accepted Barney. He had a crush on this bright-eyed and charming young man. Logan, like Pugsley, Courtney, and Norma, liked and accepted him for who he was, and never questioned their strange occurrences, such as when he was possessed by Pugsley, Courtney, and Norma while they were attempting to help Barney on his date with Logan.

Courtney was planning on offering Barney and Norma to Temeluchus as a sacrifice. Pugsley, on the other hand, took the fall for Barney, who had been chosen as the first sacrifice, during the soul transmission ritual. The Great Demon was trapped in Pugsley's body by Courtney. By capturing Pugsley's soul in a photograph, they were able to save him.

When Pauline's ghost decides to take control, the park declares them outlaws. After Barney and Norma recovered the soul of the actual Jennifer Swan from the void, where souls go momentarily, she was ejected from Jennifer Swan's body by one of Pauline's impersonators.

At the end of the show, Temeluchus had a warm spot for Pugs, Barney, and Norma after experiencing love and other wonderful emotions. As a result, when his sister, Zagan, came to control the neutral ground of the earth and put Temeluchus to the test, he sided with the gang and assisted in their rescue.

Zach Barrack (@zachbarack) voices the character of Barney. He is best recognized for his role in Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which he was the first openly trans actor in a Marvel movie. He also appears in The College Tapes, Transparent, and L.A.'s Finest.

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