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David Harbour’s Weight Loss Diet Plan: How Did the Stranger Things Cast Lose Weight? Before & After Pictures Examined!

Jul 4, 2022 @ 13:01 EDT
David Harbour’s Weight Loss Diet Plan: How Did the Stranger Things Cast Lose Weight? Before & After Pictures Examined!

David Harbour, one of the cast members of Netflix's Stranger Things, lost around 60 pounds for Season 4 of the series and fans are curious to know about his weight loss diet plan. Viewers witnessed a significant transformation as Jim Hopper, played by David, was seen shirtless after meeting Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryders, in one of the episodes. Some fans even claimed that his abs were visible. Well, follow the article to know more about David Harbour's weight loss diet plan with before & after pictures, how he was able to lose weight, and how he looks now.

David Harbour is an American actor best known for his performance in the Netflix series, Stranger Things.  Furthermore, he has made numerous film appearances, including the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and the Oscar-nominated feature Revolutionary Road.

David debuted in the Broadway production of The Rainmaker when he first entered the workforce. He made his acting debut in the biographical drama movie Kinsey. The movie was a box office hit and received favourable reviews from reviewers.

He had a couple of other film roles before landing his big break in the romance drama Revolutionary Road. He just had a significant part in the crime-action thriller drama, Sleepless. He currently plays one of the lead characters in the science fiction/horror web series Stranger Things. He has received nominations for the Emmy and the Golden Globe for his performance.

Those who have seen the latest season know about the appearance of David Harbour. We can see his character, Jim Hopper, losing a significant amount of weight for his role as he was previously captured by the Russians. Similarly, many viewers wonder about his weight loss, especially his diet. Well, we've got you covered.

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David Harbour’s Weight Loss Diet Plan For Stranger Things Season 4: Before & After Pictures Examined!

Fans were shocked to find that Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour) had been taken to Russia after the explosion at the secret Russian bunker beneath the Star Court Mall in season three. Hopper was hungry and traumatized in a Soviet Union prison while the locals grieved the police head and carried on with their lives.

David Harbour, as a result, lost weight and was reduced to a skeleton of his former self. Particularly in episode nine when he changes clothing and fans get to see him shirtless, Hopper's tremendous transformation is apparent. Some viewers even claimed his abs were visible.

Comparing his before and after pictures, fans undoubtedly noted his weight loss when noticing the bruises and wounds on his body that Winona Ryder's character, Joyce Byers, notices.

When they rejoin at the series' conclusion, Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, also comments on Hopper's shift in looks.

However, originally, David Harbour's weight loss wasn't for Stranger Things. He reduced his weight in preparation for his role as Alexei Alanovich Shostakov in Marvel's Black Widow (who, coincidentally, was also trapped in a Russian prison).

Harbour advised Black Widow to use his belly. Harbour added on additional weight, reaching a total of 280 pounds during Black Widow. Flashback scenes in the show, however, required Harbour's character to be slimmer. Harbour lost 60 pounds. In an interview with The New York Times, he explained,

“I said to the first A.D., ‘Listen, we have to shoot the flashback stuff at the end, so that by the time we shoot the flashback, I’ll lose the weight and I’ll be thin.’ And he was like, ‘You’ll never be thin.’ [Laughs.] I was like, ‘Yes I will, man.’ And I lost like 60 pounds through the shooting. The first stuff we shot was at the prison, so that belly that’s coming at you, that’s all real belly. And then as we shot, I started to lose weight. I was just hungry a lot of the shoot.”

A sixty-pound weight loss is significant. Many fans wanted to know how David Harbour lost weight. Did he follow a tight diet plan or engage in a hard workout routine? Apparently, it was a lot easier than that. He admitted to Page Six that simply not eating was his secret.

What simply not eating meant to Harbour (@dkharbour) was not explained in detail. As a matter of fact, this approach isn't usually the healthiest for losing weight.

Eating healthily and burning more calories each day than you consume is the key to losing weight. However, most nutritious foods are bland and unappealing. But there is a diet strategy that is specifically created in accordance with a person's requirements.

Moreover, in several flashback scenes, the makeup artists had to make David Harbour's face appear bigger. Early in June, Harbour disclosed on Instagram that everything was a prosthesis. He now looks like he has gained some of his weight back but he still has a long journey ahead of him to regain his previous appearance.

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