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David Barron from Narcos Mexico: Is He a Real Person?

Nov 13, 2021 @ 14:09 EST
David Barron from Narcos Mexico: Is He a Real Person?

Get to know David Barron from Narcos Mexico Season 3. Actor Bobby Soto plays the character. Find out if David Barron survives the finale and whether he's a real person.

Narcos: Mexico just ended season 3 on Netflix, introducing a slew of fresh characters (notably Benjamin Arellano Félix, Andrea Nunez, Alex Hodoyan, Ruben Zuno Arce, and Amado Carrillo Fuentes) in the latest edition.

This chapter, which served as the third and final act, brought David Barron back into the story and allowed us to learn more about him.

The third season of the show returned the story to the early days of the Mexican war against drugs and included a slew of new characters. Narcos: Mexico's third season is also the show's final chapter.

Who is David Barron? Does He Survive Narcos Mexico Season 3?

David Barron, a part of the Logan Heights Gang, is played by Bobby Soto, a TV and film actor best known for his appearances in The Tax Collector (2020) and S.W.A.T. (2017).

Barron originally debuted in Narcos: Mexico Season 2 and the guy who plays him hinted at the character's destiny in the newest season on Instagram when a video showed Barron sporting a prison identity board.

Meanwhile, fans wonder if he survived the events of the latest season. Unfortunately, Barron ends up biting the dust during the incidents of Narcos: Mexico Season 3.

While ambushing Ramon Salgado's vehicle, one of the shots fired by another gang member tumbles off the curb and hits Barron in the eye, killing him immediately.

The other members of the gang depart, leaving Barron dead on the sidewalk.

Is David Barron a Real Person?

Yes, David Barron is indeed based on a real-life high-ranking Logan Heights Gang member. David Barron Corona, better known as 'Popeye,' was a high-ranking member of the Mexican Mafia and a hitman for the Tijuana Cartel, answering to Ramon Arellano Felix.

Barron passed away on 27th November 1997, in Tijuana, Baja California, when one of his fellow henchmen's bullets deflected into his eye, just as the show showed.

Barron and his group target journalist Ramon Salgado in the episode, who is supposed to be modeled on professional journalist and sufferer Jes Blancornelas.

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