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Daughter from Another Mother Season 3 Release Date Confirmed or Canceled on Netflix?

Jan 1, 2022 @ 11:40 EST
Daughter from Another Mother Season 3 Release Date Confirmed or Canceled on Netflix?

Daughter from Another Mother or as it is said in Spanish 'Madre Solo hay Dos' is a comedy-drama that revolves around two different mothers who are forced to raise their daughters together after they realize that their daughters have been switched at birth. The show was a hit having viewed about 23 million households since it first premiered on January 20, 2021. Recently, the second season of the series was released in its entirety on December 24, 2021, which was well-received. And now fans of the show are eagerly waiting for Season 3 and want to know the release date of the third season.

Daughter From Another Mother (Madre Solo hay Dos) is a Mexican drama series created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana. It was entirely released on Netflix on January 20, 2021.

It follows the story of two diametrically different women who wind up together for the sake of their daughters that they discover are switched at birth.

Previously, we touched on Ferran aka Matias Novoa.

Daughter from Another Mother Season 3: Has the Netflix Release Date Been Confirmed?

Since the viewers really enjoyed the unique storyline stemming from the overused comical trope of being switched at birth, Daughter from Another Mother was another hit under Netflix's belt.

The second season of the show was made available for streaming in its entirety on December 24, 2021. Now that the fans are done watching all eight episodes of the show, they want to know about another season.

As for now, looks like there are no concrete decisions made on the part of showrunners or they have simply not chosen to announce season 3 as there is no information available about the future of Daughter from Another Mother.

But for what it's worth, maybe fans need not worry about not getting season 3 as greater chances of another season than not can be seen given that the last season did not have a clean ending.

No such thing as everything tied up perfectly and an expected happy ending for a comedy. This season ends in a cliffhanger just like the first season. There is plenty of unanswered questions and million ways the show could go on further.

If the makers of Daughter from another show had not intended to create Season 3, they would have chosen to give a proper goodbye to the series by tying up everything neatly.

Also, looking at the time span between the releases of the first two seasons, maybe we are expecting to know the release date of Madre Solo hay Dos too soon. The second season of Daughter from Another Mother was released on Netflix after 11 months.

If the makers are going to put out another season after a similar time gap, it's almost a year until the series is released. So, despite no details, fans can anticipate Season 3 to release in early 2023.

Another thing to consider, this drama has been co-created by Fernаndo Sаriаnа аnd Cаrolinа Riverа. The same duo that was behind the popular rom-com Jane the Virgin, which went for five seasons.

Five seasons. So, there is a considerable possibility that Daughter from Another Mother too will run for longer than just two seasons.

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