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Darren Barnet’s Siblings: Brother & Sister of the Never Have I Ever Cast!

Aug 21, 2022 @ 4:13 EDT
Darren Barnet’s Siblings: Brother & Sister of the Never Have I Ever Cast!

Darren Barnet, one of the cast members of Netflix's Never Have I Ever, has two siblings. His elder sister's name is Jennifer Barnet and his younger sister's name is Emily Barnet. Even if he does not have a single brother, his two sisters always support him and encourage him in his acting journey.

In recent years, Hollywood has seen an increase in the number of youthful actors. These performers give Hollywood movies and television shows a welcome dash of diversity. The sky is the limit for talented stars like Darren Charles Barnet, and they are worth every minute of your attention.

Darren Barnet's role as Paxton in Netflix's Never Have I Ever has been the life-changing point of his career. In Season 3, Devi Vishwakumar finally has Paxton under control after spending the first two seasons attempting to win over Oaks High's resident heartthrob.

But of course, in typical Never Have I Ever fashion, Nirdesh (Anirudh Pisharody) and Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) soon capture her attention. Devi is then forced to make a difficult decision between the three, with the outcome being one that star Lewison recently hinted he found surprising.

We've previously touched discussed Darren Barnet's relationship status. As many of you were curious to know, we've finally decided to discuss his siblings. Let's start right away.

Darren Barnet’s Siblings: The Never Have I Ever Cast Has One Younger Sister Named Emily Barnet & One Elder Sister Named Jennifer Barnet, but Not a Single Brother!

Darren Barnet (@darrenbarnet) has two siblings: Jennifer Barnet, the older of the two, and Emily Barnet, the younger. Despite the Never Have I Ever cast having no brother, both sisters are proud of his work and encourage him in his acting pursuits. However, Darren has not shared many details about his sister on social media because he wants to protect their privacy.

Charles D. Barnet Jr. and Deborah Barnet, Darren Barnet's parents, have been a major part in helping him launch his acting career. Deborah is a housewife who takes care of the home and the family member while Charles was a businessman who used to operate his own business to support the family. Now that Darren's father has passed away, he no longer exists in this world, yet he still misses him, based on his social media posts.

Deborah now raises her three children. She moved to Orlando with her kids as a single parent in order to financially support her family. As a result, Darren admires her mother as a capable individual who maintained the household entirely.

Darren Barnet received his graduation from Dr. Phillips High School in 2009. He led the lacrosse squad at his school as captain. He enrolled in Berry College after high school and earned a Bachelor of Arts there in 2013.

Darren has desired to be an actor since he was five years old. He didn't start acting, though, until he started college when he appeared in plays and short films. He moved to Los Angeles, California, after graduating from college in order to focus exclusively on acting. He had to work other jobs because his career did not begin right away.

Darren Barnet began by working as a front desk assistant and bike attendant at SoulCycle on Sunset Boulevard. He also received his California real estate license in May 2015. He made his acting debut in 2017. He was cast in three TV shows: Criminal Minds, This Is Us, and SWAT.

The teen comedy-drama TV series Never Have I Never, in which Darren Barnet played the role of Paxton, marked his major acting debut in April 2020. Additionally, he served as a producer in Michael Leo DeAngelo's psychological thriller, Apophenia. Last but not least, he also has agreed to lend his voice to Blue Eye Samurai, an upcoming anime action-adventure series on Netflix.

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