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Love is Blind: Danielle Ruhl's Weight Loss of 70 Pounds Explained!

Feb 20, 2022 @ 15:20 EST
Love is Blind: Danielle Ruhl's Weight Loss of 70 Pounds Explained!

Danielle Ruhl, exposing her vulnerability to Nick about her weight loss, told on Love is Blind that after being a fat girl for a long time, she had lost 70 pounds in childhood. Danielle is said to have been used by the Netflix producers of Love is Blind to fat bait. Let's get to know Danielle's weight loss story on Love is Blind Season 2.

Out of 30 singletons that were cast in the second season of Love Is Blind on Netflix, only 12 of them made it to the point of getting engaged and exploring their relationship further. The first couple to come out of dating pods this season of the reality dating show is Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson.

Danielle Ruhl had reservations about finding love in the show even though this blind date show could have been tailor-made for people like her who are insecure about the way they look as it is about building connection without ever laying eyes on one another, based solely on their personality.

She was worried that her personality might not be enough. On the other hand, Nick Thompson had no such qualms and was just looking forward to getting rid of all the distractions of the real world and just really honing in and thinking about the people he is engaging with and truly getting to know them.

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Love is Blind: Who is Danielle Ruhl?

Danielle Ruhl (@dnellruhl) is a 29-year-old associate director of marketing. She was born on November 6th, 1992. She went to the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign in 2014, where she got her degree.

During college, she worked as a social media intern at Hard Core Brands International where she got experience here creating ads and preparing for her future within the creative industries.

Her rocky relationship with Nick Thompson, 36, (@nthompson513) is observed to have been impacted by Danielle's insecurity about her looks as a formerly fat person.

Even plagued by insecurity about her physical appearance, it's nice to see she is very self-loving as she shares Michael Scott's sentiment when he says 'I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.'

Danielle Ruhl's Weight Loss Transformation Story!

Danielle Ruhl has brought out quite polarizing views about her relationship with Nick Thompson, with most of the viewers of the show branding their relationship as a goner sooner or later.

After they met in real and went to Mexico, the couple frequently erupted into arguments for the smallest of reasons. A lot of those disputes were attributed to Danielle's insecurities in general and about her physical appearance.

This is such a bitter turn for her as she first bonded with Nick over the vulnerabilities of Danielle. She opened up to Nick about how she struggled with weight in her childhood. As a child, she used to be on the heavier side, which made her extremely self-conscious about her size and appearance.

Now, she has shed a lot of weight but unfortunately couldn't shed her insecurities. She shared how every single interaction she had with someone, she would be scared people would say things like ‘Oh, her arms look big here’ or ‘her stomach looks big here.’ She confessed how sometimes even now she looks in the mirror and sees that little fat girl.

She lost over 70 pounds to look the way she does now. But that's all we know about her weight loss as she says it. Danielle and one other contestant Deepti are said to be used by the producers of Love Is Blind to fat bait in order to fill the quota of plus-sized people that society unofficially enforces.

Viewers are calling out Netflix for faking the diversity that way as the show appeared to be giving space by showing plus-size women and then backtracking on that with one dialogue of “I used to be fat”.

And especially people are not fans of how Chassidy and Hope, two actual plus-sized women not former fat women, were featured in the first episode and conveniently dropped later on without featuring their dates.

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