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Courtney From Dead End Paranormal Park: Meet Courtney’s Voice Actor, Emily Osment!

Jun 19, 2022 @ 2:11 EDT
Courtney From Dead End Paranormal Park: Meet Courtney’s Voice Actor, Emily Osment!

Courtney, one of the characters on Netflix's 'Dead End: Paranormal Park', is a 1000-year-old demon who wants to return back to her home as she was stuck because of a curse. The show is based on a webcomic by Hamish Steele. She joins the journey of Norma and Barney to find their dog. Emily Osment is the voice actor/cast behind Courtney's voice. Follow the article to know more about Courtney and her journey in the show. 

Netflix has released a new animated series titled Dead End: Paranormal Park.  Two teenagers and a talking dog battle demons, zombies, game show hosts, witches, and crushes at a haunted theme park in this animated series for kids.

Based on Hamish Steele's horror-comedy graphic novels and web shorts, this series will take you on a thrilling journey from start to finish. Throughout the season, the three embark on numerous adventures, some of which do not always turn out as planned. Overall, it's a fun show with plenty of laughter and fantasy.

Another character in the show, Courtney, plays a very interesting role to spice up the series. And many viewers are curious to know more about her. Well, here is everything we know about her and her role in the series.

Who Is Courtney in Netflix’s Dead End? Meet Emily Osment, Courtney’s Voice Actress!

Courtney, played by Emily Osment, is a thousand-year-old demon who wants to be free of her curse and return home. These gifts were promised to her if she could bring the demon king a human to possess. The demon king, however, does not grant her wishes.

Later in the show, Courtney helps Barney and Norma in searching for Pugsley. When she holds a piece of Pugsley's fur up to Norma's photo of Barney and Pugsley, it's proven that Temeluchus is still inside. Temeluchus, according to her, brought the mascots to life. She is hopeful that she will be able to return home soon now that the demon king still has possession of Pugsley.

The next episode features Courtney investigating the Dead End haunted mansion for a spell book for Pugsley. She gives it to Pugsley after she discovers it. Temeluchus, she believes, gave him more than simply the capacity to walk and communicate. She believes he, too, possesses magical abilities and can assist her in returning home. Then Barney walks into the room and tells Pugsley and Courtney that they're going to the beach to conduct some team-building exercises.

Courtney gets a notification from a demon about a game show that's going on in the demon world. Pugsley encourages Barney and Norma to enter the game show in order to win the grand prize. He believes that winning the reward and giving it to she will make her feel better.

To explore Courtney's journey throughout the show, visit Netflix as the series is available on the streaming platform. It would be really inappropriate to explain everything she does in the show. However, we can discuss how the show ends for her and if she returns back home.

Courtney was planning on offering Barney and Norma to Temeluchus as a sacrifice. Courtney wished to summon and please Temeluchus in order to return to her place in hell. She had been forbidden from entering hell and had not been home in nearly a century.

Pugsley, on the other hand, took the fall for Barney, who had been chosen as the first sacrifice, during the soul transmission ritual. The Great Demon was trapped in Pugsley's body by Courtney. Temeluchus and Zagan fight to the point until Temeluchus breaks Zagan's arm and throws her away. At the same moment, Pauline decides to join the battle and help Courtney protect all of the stoned individuals.

Zagan retreats with her army back to the elevator, defeated, and promises their mother will hear about it all. Temeluchus begins zapping everything now that Zagan is gone, thinking he is in command. Temeluchus can't bring himself to zap Barney when Courtney challenges him to it. And this is how the show ends for Courtney.

Emily Osment (@emilyosment), who played Gerti Giggles in Spy Kids and Lilly Truscott in Hannah Montana, is likely the most well-known cast member from Dead End: Paranormal Park. The 30-year-old has also appeared in Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Friends, Two and a Half Men, and The Kominsky Method.

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