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Are Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey From Love Is Blind Still Together? Season 3 Spoilers Alert!

Oct 21, 2022 @ 8:28 EDT
Are Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey From Love Is Blind Still Together? Did They Get Married? Season 3 & Reddit Update; Spoilers Alert!

Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey, one of the couples in Love Is Blind Season 3, had a perfect first meeting. However, the couple faced a few problems after they arrived in Malibu to spend their first night together. Reddit users wonder if they got married. Warning!! Spoiler ahead. Well, the couple immediately managed to peacefully resolve their disagreements. From what we've seen so far, we believe Cole and Zanab definitely got married and are still together. 

Love is Blind on Netflix is a reality dating series that defies all expectations by emphasizing emotional connections above initial compatibility and breaking every rule in the book. After all, the fundamental elements of every relationship here are intentions, vulnerability, and pure romance—not flimsy things like physical attractiveness or sexual attraction.

The Netflix dating show is back for another dramatic season with a new batch of hopeless romantics hunting for "the one." Season three premiered on October 19, featuring new contestants/soon-to-be reality-TV stars such as engineer SK Alagbada and fitness-obsessed Raven Ross. Not to mention Cole Barnett, the recently nicknamed frat boy of the show.

Similarly, Cole Barnett had his eyes on Zanab Jaffrey from the very beginning of the show. Many viewers, especially Reddit users, are curious to know what happens with the couple. Do they get married? Are they still together? Well, here is everything we know about Cole and Zanab's relationship status. Spoilers ahead!!

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Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey From Love Is Blind Season 3: From What We’ve Witnessed So Far, We Believe the Couple Got Married and Are Still Together; Reddit Update; Spoilers Ahead!

Cole Barnett (@colebrennanbarnett), a 26-year-old realtor, was brash, arrogant, and demanding as soon as he entered Love Is Blind. He also came across as being superficial in every way. He was immediately impressed with Colleen Reed's flexibility as a ballerina, promptly rejected a nurse since nurses are "off the table" for him, and was extremely choosy about his other dates as well. He met Zanab Jaffrey (@zanabjaffrey), a 31-year-old flight attendant, and their witty banter changed somewhat, although both that and his conversation with the dancer were basically excellent.

Thus, it required Zanab to fully open up to Cole about her background as well as personal experiences in order to bring out his genuine, deep side and demonstrate that he was prepared to get married and start a family. She acknowledged that her older sister is her only blood relative and that her grace is her faith because she lost both of her parents when she was still a teenager—her mother at age 18 and her father at age 13.

Zanab, therefore, considered the fact that Cole comes from a close-knit, devout family to be a huge positive, and he later stated that the way she communicated with honesty won him over. It's the reason he ended things with Colleen after she admitted she's not big on getting intimate.

Zanab and Cole then discussed everything from their travel adventures to their families to his past marriage (which ended in divorce after only two months of dating). They fell in love during this time because they realized they not only made each other laugh but also had similar ideas, values, and intentions.

Cole then proposed to her at this point. Cole said in a confessional, "She’s such a beautiful person. Like I actually, actually really believe it can work… I got all the feelings for her.”  Thus, he got down on one knee and proposed—possibly the most significant proposal of them all—to her. She of course said yes!

In all honesty, Zanab and Cole's first meeting went just as you could have expected, with them being adoring and lovingly restating all they had said in the pods. Though their emotional and physical attraction, as well as their level of comfort and ease of communication, continued once they arrived in Malibu for their romantic break, things altered soon after.

The two main things that annoyed the other were the former's quietness the morning following their first night together and the latter's passive-aggressiveness. However, Zanab and Cole eventually managed to peacefully resolve their disagreements rather than just walking away, which led to everything returning to normal—at least until they met the rest of the group.

This is due to the realtor's honesty in telling the camera that he thought Colleen, who was then engaged to Matt Bolton, was quite attractive and the sort of lady he'd usually go for.

Cole even admitted to the guys that, “there’s been a disconnect for me. There’s been a ‘holy crap; you’re not what I had pictured. This is different. I have to reconnect that person in the pods to the person who’s in my bedroom now.'”

Having said that, we don't see why he and Zanab can't say "I do" at the altar if they are both able to continually remember the reason they fell in love in the first place and resolve their problems amicably. In other words, we think they got married in the end and are still together.

Additionally, Love is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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