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Christopher Lassiter on Virgin River: What Happened to Him? Does Preacher Get Him Back? Meet the Christopher Actor/Cast!

Jul 24, 2022 @ 2:52 EDT
Christopher Lassiter on Virgin River: What Happened to Him? Does Preacher Get Him Back? Meet the Christopher Actor/Cast!

Christopher Lassiter, one of the characters in Netflix's Virgin River, is the son of Paige Lassiter. She kills her ex-husband, Wes, and escapes the town. She hands over Christopher to Preacher and asks him to take care of him. However, Paige's son goes missing as he gets kidnapped by Wes's twin brother, Vince. Follow the article to know what actually happened to Christopher, if Preacher gets Christopher back and the child cast/actor.

Virgin River is a romance drama series on Netflix created by Sue Tenney. It takes place in the same-named fictional Californian town. Despite the fact that the series is about numerous Virgin River people, Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse practitioner and midwife, is the protagonist of the series.

Another character who moves to Virgin River is Paige Lassiter. She moves into the town with her son, Christopher Lassiter, in an attempt to escape her abusive ex. Although she develops a close friendship with Preacher, she is compelled to leave the small town when Wes tracks her.

After getting in a conflict, Paige ends up killing Wes. She, then, decides to escape the town and leave her son, Christopher, with Preacher. But a disaster struck as he gets kidnapped at the end of season 3. Now that season 4 has arrived, fans wonder what happens to Paige's son. Well, we've got you covered.

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Virgin River: What Happened to Christopher Lassiter? Does Preacher Get Him Back? Meet the Christopher Actor/Cast!

After killing her violent ex-husband Wes, Paige left Virgin River as a wanted criminal. She explains her absence to Preacher when she reappears toward the end of season 4, letting him know that she had been living in a women's shelter that provided free legal aid.

Paige left Christopher in Preacher's care. Preacher looked after the boy until the season three finale when things got serious. Sally, a so-called friend of Paige’s, drugged Preacher and helped Wes' twin brother, Vince, and Christopher's uncle in kidnapping the boy and escaping with him. After Vince kidnaps Christopher, Preacher hired a private detective to find the missing boy.

He had some CCTV footage of Vince, which he showed to Jack, and the case was stalling. This brought up a long-forgotten memory, which showed Vince had actually been the one who had shot Jack while searching for his brother Wes.

In Season 4 of the Netflix series, Preacher is unaware of any current changes in the investigation until Christopher unexpectedly calls. The youngster claims that Vince is behaving oddly and that he has to return home. Christopher is asked to identify his location by Preacher, but he hangs up without providing any helpful information.

Mike looks into the call's history. Preacher is informed that Sally has been located by him. She claims that Vince forced her into drugging Preacher and threatened to murder her if she didn't. Sally might be aware of Vince's location, but she won't admit it.

Paige informs Preacher that she has spoken with Sally as well when she pays him a visit. She was informed that Vince only reached Paige through Christopher. He is interested in learning what happened to his brother. Paige for her son is the trade Vince proposes. Preacher disagrees with this careless idea, but Paige accepts it. Preacher tracks down the offender himself using GPS coordinates. However, he arrives too late and sees an empty cabin.

Preacher receives a letter from Paige as Christopher heads back to him. She writes in her letter that she has left out with Vince and wants Preacher to raise her son for good.. Preacher avoids the law and travels alone to the cabin. A fight breaks out when he discovers Vince and Paige inside. Preacher successfully disarms the criminal and knocks him out, saving Paige's life.

It appears that Paige's concerns have been cleared up and that Preacher gets Christopher back. With Mike and the police arriving, Vince will probably be taken into custody. However, it's unclear if Paige will admit to killing Wes.

Additionally, the role of Christopher is played by Actor Chase Petriw (@chasepetriw). He is best known for his roles in Android Employed, Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas, and Virgin River.

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