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Christine Chiu Before Plastic Surgery: Did the 39-Year-Old Bling Empire Cast Apply Cosmetic Enhancements to Look Younger?

Oct 10, 2022 @ 8:20 EDT
Christine Chiu Before Plastic Surgery: Did the 39-Year-Old Bling Empire Cast Apply Cosmetic Enhancements to Look Younger?

Many people wonder if Christine Chiu has undergone plastic surgery and how she looked before the treatments. Well, she openly admits to getting Botox, breast augmentation, and fillers. No wonder, the Bling Empire cast looks beautiful, young, and stunning even at the age of 39. Furthermore, her husband owns a plastic surgery clinic in Beverley Hills and she works there as executive director. 

Bling Empire, a Netflix original series, connects viewers to some of the wealthiest people in and around Los Angeles, California. The reality show's main cast members, who are all of East Asian or South East Asian heritage, show an amusing fusion of their culture and the splendor that surrounds them. Since it was initially launched in 2021, the series has been able to amass a large following thanks to its abundance of drama, heartbreak, friendship, and love.

No wonder, all of the cast members look beautiful and stunning. Since they're so rich, it's obvious they prefer to look beautiful every day. It also is obvious that everyone didn't get their beautiful appearance naturally. With all those money, they can afford any plastic surgery in the world. In the same way, many viewers have speculated that most of the cast members might have applied plastic surgery to enhance their beauty.

One such cast member is Christine Chiu. Viewers believe she has undergone multiple cosmetic treatments and are curious to know how she was before plastic surgery. Well, here is everything we know about her appearance.

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Christine Chiu Before Plastic Surgery: The 39-Year-Old Bling Empire Cast Is Open About Her Cosmetic Treatments and Younger Appearance!

Christine Chiu, who serves as executive director of the upscale Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery that she and her husband, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, manage, is definitely not against plastic surgery in general. It is unknown how she used to look before her plastic surgery because she has been involved with the treatments since her college days.

On her Instagram, Christine shared extensive details regarding her early experiences with plastic surgery and aesthetic improvement in 2021. She shared a number of images and videos from her cosmetic operations that helped her look younger, which included Botox Breast Augmentation, and Emsculpt lip fillers.

She captioned the post: "A is for aging, and B is for Botox. Some, many, none of you are wondering what the perks are for working with and marrying a plastic surgeon ... what exactly have I gotten done over the years?

"Here’s the scoop: started #Botox or #dysport in my early 30s for fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead, as well as for the “11s” between my eyebrows... #juvederm or #Kysse lip fillers for both upper and lower lips, started maybe 2-3 years ago"

"#Emsculpt on abs and arms because I’m addicted to In-n-Out burgers. Emsculpt on butt because I’d love a #BrazilianButtlift but @drchiubhps refuses to give me one #BreastAugmentation in college and I’m still sporting the same #implants."

Christine Chiu ended the post by saying the rest of the credit goes to her makeup artists and she supports both men and women doing what makes them look and feel better. She also added that the treatments should be conducted safely.

She also used the post as an opportunity to counter people who would criticize her decision to undergo plastic surgery or other cosmetic operations, or the decision of anybody else. "Cosmetic age management is a personal decision and I support men and women doing what makes them look and feel better,” she commented, adding, “so as long as it’s done safely, with a qualified practitioner, and in moderation.”

Assuming someone has had plastic surgery is one thing, but criticizing them for it is quite another. It's not surprising that Christine Chiu would indulge in plastic surgery and augmentation herself and defend those who choose to do the same for their own bodies given that her family's livelihood depends on it.

Early Life & Net Worth of Christine Chiu!

Christine Chiu (@christinechiu) was born on December 14, 1982. She was born in Taiwan, but her family moved to the United States when she was seven years old so that she could receive a top-notch education. She comes from an affluent family, but her father and she haven't spoken in years. She was sadly separated from her family as she struggled to bear a child.

The Chius made the decision to move to Beverly Hills, California. Christine enrolled at Pepperdine University, a private Christian university, in the nearby city of Malibu. She received honors for her studies in international business there. She worked at a public relations agency after receiving her bachelor's degree.

As a partner in BHPS, Christine was already wealthy before she became well-known. She has more opportunities to earn money now that she is a television celebrity thanks to her profile and influence.

She makes an estimated $3,585 for each sponsored post with her current Instagram followers. The amount that Christine Chiu receives for each episode of Bling Empire is unknown and has no effect on her $40 million fortune. The total wealth of Christine and her husband is currently $80 million. On the Bling Empire rich list, this places them in the third spot.

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