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Christian Serratos From Love, Death & Robots: The Walking Dead Star Plays Harper in the Netflix Series!

Jun 3, 2022 @ 11:39 EDT
Christian Serratos From Love, Death & Robots: The Walking Dead Star Plays Harper in the Netflix Series!

Christian Marie Serratos, popularly known for her role as Rosita in The Walking Dead, plays the role of Harper in Netflix's Love, Death + Robots. She appears in the eighth episode, titled In Vaulted Halls Entombed, of the show which is about a special force that tries to rescue hostages, however, gets themself in trouble at the end of the show. Follow the article to know more about Christian Serratos and her role in the show.

Love, Death + Robots, a Netflix anthology series, has become the service's biggest platform for experimental animation filmmaking since its premiere in 2019. Each edition of the series, created by Deadpool director Tim Miller, has offered directors from varied backgrounds the opportunity to present unique and fascinating sci-fi stories in animation ranging from stylized to photo-real.

Lately, Netflix released the Season 3 of the series. While there are fewer notable chapters in this volume than in the previous two, it nevertheless maintains the same degree of curiosity and creative storytelling with a wide range of animation.

Similarly, fans are curious to know more about Christian Serratos who plays the character of Harper in the eighth episode of the new season. Well, let's find out everything about Christian Serratos and her character in the show.

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Love Death & Robots Season 3: Christian Serratos Plays Harper!

A Special Forces squad tries to locate a group of hostages who have sought sanctuary in a secret cave in Episode 8 of Netflix's animated series.

A unit of troops, including Sgt. Coulthard (played by Joe Manganiello), Spencer ( played by Jai Courtney), and Harper (played by Christian Serratos), get caught within the tunnels while on a recon operation to see what armed militants are doing in a cave, discovering an ancient temple where an elder god remains captive.

Except for Coulthard and Harper, all of the soldiers were killed by the cave spiders. A tunnel that may carry them back to the surface offered them a chance for freedom, but Coulthard was captivated by the whisperings of a massive entity in another area.

A captive elder god, who has been imprisoned for hundreds of years, greets the soldiers. Coulthard's consciousness is taken over by the eldritch evil, and the soldier tries to free him. Harper is able to stop him, but he has no choice except to murder him.

Enraged at her friend's death, she fires her rifle at the elder deity, but it does no damage. Its deep golden eyes keep pleading with her to let him go, however, it is revealed that Harper has made it out of the tunnels, but her eyes have been taken with her knife, and her mind has been destroyed by the sight of the elder deity.

After making eye contact with its prey, Harper likely learns the alien has control over people. As a result, they become vulnerable in the face of the creature's might and obey its commands. The method also explains why the extraterrestrial in the crypts has a God-like status, probably Cthulhu. However, it is clear that the monster extraterrestrial could spell the end of the world, and he is appropriately imprisoned.

Harper eventually succeeds in slicing off her eyes, putting a stop to the alien's ability to dominate her. Harper eventually confines the alien within the caves' depths and returns to the outside world, having endured an exceedingly awful fate. Now let's get to know more about the Harper actress, Christian Marie Serratos.

Christian Serratos (@christianserratos) is an American actor who is most known for portraying Angela Weber in the Twilight Saga movie franchise. She's also renowned for her role as Rosita Espinosa in The Walking Dead. When she played Suzie Crabgrass in Nickelodeon's Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, her popularity skyrocketed.

She then went on to play Raven in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, a drama TV series. She has also been in a variety of TV shows, including Zoey 101, 7th Heaven, Hannah Montana, and American Horror Story: Murder House, to name a few.

Serratos earned the Young Artist Award' in 2009 for Twilight, in the category of Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actress. She was named one of the Most Beautiful People by People magazine. She was also ranked 65 on Maxim magazine's 'Hot 100' list.

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