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Chosen Netflix Cast 2022: Meet the Season 1 Danish Stars!

Jan 31, 2022 @ 4:46 EST
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Chosen Netflix Cast 2022: Meet the Season 1 Danish Stars!

Chosen, the latest 2022 Netflix drama from Denmark stars an ensemble Danish cast of Malaika Berenth Mosendane, Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Andreas Dittmer, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, Mohamed Djeziri, Line Kruse, Anders Heinrichsen, and Ken Vedsegaard. Chosen Season 1 TV series stars various other supporting cast.

Netflix has recently brought to its' platform a perfect combination of teens and science fiction drama in Chosen. Chosen is a Danish drama series created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Kaspar Munk, and Christian Potalivo.

Chosen revolves around a group of teens who take it upon themselves to unravel the mystery of the meteor strike and reveal the conspiratorial cover-up for something else. It premiered on 27 January 2022.

Cast of Chosen Season 1 on Netflix in 2022

With the main character of Emma being played by Malaika Berenth Mosendane, the other cast members of the sci-fi drama Chosen Season 1 on Netflix features Andrea Heick Gadeberg, Andreas Dittmer, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, Mohamed Djeziri, Line Kruse, Anders Heinrichsen, and Ken Vedsegaard.

Malaika Berenth Mosendane

The plot of the story begins with Malaika Berenth Mosendane's Emma unintentionally shattering the illusion of the historical meteor crash while working at the Meteor Museum, who teams up with a group of teens invested in getting to know the truth.

The lead actor of Emma is relatively new to the entertainment industry, and just recently kicked off her acting career when she debuted in a Danish series The Sommerdahl Murders in 2020.

She appeared just in two episodes of the show. Chosen is her sophomore project and Emma is her breakout role. Malaika was born on 25 January in Canada.

Andrea Heick Gadeberg

Andrea Heick Gadeberg steals every scene she's in on Chosen with her portrayal of a shy Marie, who begins to develop feelings for Emma.

Andrea, for one, is not new to the cameras with her starting to act from the age of eleven when she played Karla in a 2009 series Pagten. She did a series of supporting roles in projects such as Held for Ransom and Deroute.

Her breakthrough came in 2020 when she was cast opposite Mads Mikkelsen in the Danish movie Riders of Justice, which became a global hit and which got her the Best Actress Award at the Danish Film Awards. After that, she appeared in Sygeplejeskolen. She was born on November 24, 1998.

Andreas Dittmer

Andreas Dittmer is responsible for driving the plotline forward as Andreas' Frederik takes charge as the driver of the group of those teens. Even though Frederik is goo-natured, he bonds with Emma behind Marie's back.

Chosen marks Andreas' first major acting role in a television show. He has played some minor roles in a couple of short movies Natasja Jensen and Lidt Endnu.

In 2019, he appeared in a TV miniseries documentary Frederick IX. We will be seeing him in the upcoming Danish movie Rotten Flowers.

Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt

Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt essays the character of Mads who is the leader of the group. Wheelchair-bound Mads is determined to get to the bottom of this meteor conspiracy.

Even though Albert gained a mainstream kind of popularity after working with Mads Mikkelsen in Another Round and Riders of Justice, his work in the entertainment industry dates back to 2011.

The Chosen star did a couple of short movies after which he made his first feature film The Day Will Come in 2016. His first major acting role was in a TV series The Other World. Since then, he had supporting roles in various projects such as Land of Glass, Habet, Bedrag, and Collision.

Mohamed Djeziri

Mohamed Djeziri plays Elvis, the rich kid whose family capitalized off from the alleged meteor crash.

Mohamed joined the show business recently in 2020 with a cameo role in the series Sex. Following that, the only acting job he did was in a show Try Hard in the role of Kasim before he got Chosen.

Line Kruse

Line Kruse depicts Lykke, Emma's mother who has hidden secrets from her daughter.

Line, who plays Emma's mother ironically made her debut in a movie called Emma's Shadow in 1988. She won the Best Actress award at the Paris Film Festival for her performance in her debut.

She was nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the Danish Film Festival for her works in En Familie and Bedrag. She has appeared in movies like The Green Butchers, No Time for Love and Love Is All You Need.

The Chosen alum was born on August 3, 1975. She is married to Anders Thomas Jensen with four children together.

Anders Heinrichsen

Anders Heinrichsen brings a mystery angle to sci-fi drama as Lucas, who appears to want to help Emma for some reason.

Anders' acting credits include movies like The Pact, Breeder, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Blood Machines, and television shows like Fixer, Grow, and Bedrag. He was born on February 17, 1980.

Ken Vedsegaard

Ken Vedsegaard plays the role of Thomas. Thomas is the CEO of Astraeus, a sketchy company that shows an interest in the small town of Middelbo in the aftermath of the meteor crash.

Ken has worked in Shadow and Bone, When the Dust Settles, and Forbrydelsen. He was born on October 14, 1972.

Chosen Cast Members in Supporting Roles

Other supporting cast members of Chosen Season 1 in 2022 include Magnus Juhl Andersen as Jonas, Marie Louise Wille as Susan, Rikke Eberhardt Isen as Leyla, Henrik Prip as Hans, Nicolaj Kopernikus as Adrian, Eva Jin as Zannie, Victor Pøhl as Nikolaj, Jonas Munck Hansen as John Dinckler, and Sarah Rose Clear as Noreen.

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