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Chalmers on Cowboy Bebop Netflix: Actor Geoff Stults Plays the Role!

Nov 24, 2021 @ 13:22 EST
Chalmers on Cowboy Bebop Netflix: Actor Geoff Stults Plays the Role!

Chalmers on Cowboy Bebop Netflix is played by actor Geoff Stults. The original show is a Japanese sci-fi anime. Let's get to know Chalmers in more detail.

Chalmers is a cop who has previously worked in collaboration with Jet Black and is an original character in the Cowboy Bebop adaption on Netflix.

The role of Chalmers is played by actor Geoff Stults. Let's get to know the Cowboy Bebop character in more detail.

Chalmers' Appearance and Personality on Cowboy Bebop

Chalmers has ginger hair that is separated to the left, dark brown eyes and a thick mustache. He's dressed in a beige dress shirt with two pistol holsters on either side of his armpits, brown slacks, and shoes.

Chalmers comes out as a bit of an agitator toward Jet initially on Cowboy Bebop, but he's proven to appreciate him enough to obey his former wife's intention to "Throw him a bone" every now and again.

Jet, on the other hand, sees this behavior as a means for Chalmers to toss his own bone at her.

Cowboy Bebop: Chalmers' History

Chalmers interacts with Jet after turning in the reward on Tanaka, observing that he should be attended by six men, but only finds one.

Jet then pushes Chalmers on the Netflix show, revealing that he understood Chalmers was focusing on a case on Ganymede, but his plans shifted when he discovered Jet would be there.

Jet attempts to leave after a brief conversation with Chalmers but is halted by him, who tells Jet of an unwired bounty.

He's alerting him of the bounty since his wife demanded that he occasionally throw Jet a "Bone."

Before you leave, meet Cosmonaut, Hakim, as well as Katerina and Asimov.

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