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Chage and Aska: Love is Blind Japan's Kaoru Miyazaki is the Daughter of Ryo Aska!

Feb 25, 2022 @ 10:49 EST
Chage and Aska: Love is Blind Japan's Kaoru Miyazaki is the Daughter of Ryo Aska!

Love is Blind: Japan contestant, Kaoru Miyazaki, is a singer-songwriter who came to the show to find her soulmate. She is also the daughter of Ryo Aska, one of the members of the duo, Chage and Aska. Also, know what turned off Kaoru before a few days from her wedding with Misaki.

Love is Blind is back in 2022 with a whole new season on Netflix, completely throwing traditional dating on its head, and this time the participants are in Japan.

Jessica and Mark, Cameron and Lauren, Amber and Barnett, and many more couples were included in the first season of the social experiment, which aired in 2020.

On February 8th, 2022, Netflix released Love is Blind: Japan. In the new series, Maki, Priya, Wataru, Motomi, among other singletons are on the lookout for love. So, let's learn more about Kaoru Miyazaki, one of the Love is Blind: Japan contestants.

Previously, we touched on Ryotaro, Mori and Minami, Motomi, Shuntaro, Wataru, Ayano, and Midori.

Love is Blind: Japan Star Kaoru Miyazaki is The Daughter of Ryo Aska, Best Known for Working as Part of The Music Duo Chage and Aska

Kaoru Miyazaki is a 31-year-old singer-songwriter who claims on Love is Blind: Japan that she's looking for her soulmate. "In the long term looks aren’t what’s most important," Kaoru stated during episode one, fully accepting the social experiment.

Kaoru claimed she dated someone for nine years in her twenties, but it wasn't meant to be, and she hasn't dated much since then.

Many of the show fans don't know the fact that Kaoru is the daughter of Ryo Aska. Aska is most recognized for his work with Chage and Aska, a music duet. He composed the majority of the duo's successful songs as a composer, including Morning Moon, Love Song, Say Yes, and Meguriai.

Hikaru Genji is one of the several singers and groups for whom Aska has written. He started his solo career in 1987 and had a lot of success in the early 1990s. Hajimari wa Itsumo Ame (The Start Is Always Rain), a single from his second solo album, is his most well-known song as a solo artist.

The song reached No. 2 on the Oricon charts and went on to sell over 1,160,000 copies. He rose to popularity in East Asia as a result of the song.

Kaoru is a Tokyo resident whose singing career has taken her throughout the world. Kaoru has visited LA, San Diego, New York, and many more locations, according to her Instagram page.

She's also been tagged at Kruger National Park on Instagram, and she mentioned that she has traveled to Kenya on Love is Blind: Japan.

Kaoru mentions her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel during Love is Blind, and anybody who has visited her Instagram profile (@kaorumiyazaki official) knows how much she adores her canine friend.

Kaoru's Instagram posts show her horse riding and meeting adorable dogs when she's not singing.

Are Kaoru And Misaki from Love is Blind: Japan Still Together?

Kaoru is a Tokyo-based singer-songwriter, while Misaki (@misaki_jambo) is the Kenyan baseball team's head coach. On the set of Love Is Blind: Japan, the two became fast friends and finally got engaged.

Unfortunately, the couple is no longer together since Kaoru recognized they didn't know much about each other and weren't ready to marry.

Misaki and Kaoru became friends over a number of topics, but Kenya, where Misaki resides on occasion, was always a hot issue. Because Kaoru had visited Kenya, the two had fascinating discussions about the country.

Misaki was certain that Kaoru was the one after several conversations and was ready to propose. Kaoru, on the other hand, was not ready to commit. After Misaki formally proposed and stated his thoughts again, she ultimately said yes.

Misaki's carelessness is a recurring topic in their relationship. Kaoru was unable to gain a straight answer to her queries regarding his views on marriage, employment, and love.

"Throwing softballs to Misaki, but he let most of them go by," she said of the situation. Even when asked about possible children, Misaki responded that they may figure it out in the future, despite the fact that they work in different regions of the world. To make matters worse, Misaki had no idea what Kaoru's last name was.

Kaoru and Misaki had several meaningful conversations throughout their stay in Tokyo, but Kaoru expressed her dissatisfaction with them. Misaki would state his ideas of what should have happened instead of understanding the cause for Kaoru's negative aspect when she revealed anything terrible about herself.

This, along with the fact that the couple didn't know each other well enough, was the tipping point for Kaoru, who decided to call it quits a few days before the wedding.

Misaki was amused by her comments and thanked Kaoru for the experience and the two parted ways peacefully.

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