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Who is Camilo Cohen on Netflix's Rebelde? Meet the Character!

Jan 11, 2022 @ 10:45 EST
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Who is Camilo Cohen on Netflix's Rebelde? Meet the Character!

Jana Cohen is one of the most fascinating characters in Rebelde. She is a famous pop star who wants to make serious music and live a normal life. A perfect combination of glamour and grace which is a recipe for intriguing viewers, but somehow she loses that contest to Camilo Cohen, her father. Camilo Cohen is a famous music producer. Camilo is a secondary character who has not been explored greatly on-screen which has unmistakably created an aura of mystery surrounding his name, making him a puzzling character in Rebelde. Rebelde is a Mexican reboot of a Mexican telenovela of the same name. It was released on 5 January 2022.

Camilo Cohen from Rebelde on Netflix is the father of a popular pop girl Jana Cohen Gandia. The father of the popular pop girl is a famous and successful music producer.

Like father, like daughter. Camilo is not just a prominent music artist, but he also happens to be one of the most influential public figures in Mexico.

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Camilo Cohen on Rebelde: Who Plays the Role on Netflix?

Some students of the Elite Way School in the Netflix series Rebelde have essentially described Camilo Cohen as "the producer of basically all the music you listen to" in Season 1.

It is extremely palpable to everyone that Camilo Cohen has a very wide reach everywhere, the fact which is in alignment with how much power he wields in the music industry in Mexico. This possibly might be what his daughter wants in the future. She may be working for that.

Camilo Cohen, the character has been mentioned quite a few times in the series, but he never appears on-screen. This is one of the things which add an intriguing value to the character. Nobody embodies the character but the character seems to live in the mentions of other characters.

Jana Cohen, Daughter of Camilo Cohen

Jana Cohen Gandia, portrayed by Azul Guaita is a famous pop star who wants to lead a simple life and make music. So, she goes to Elite Way School with the hope that she might win the Battle of the Bands and earn a chance to get into the Musical Excellence Program, which could be very beneficial for her music career.

But the young girl has a chip on her shoulder and has to prove her musical talents as people are prejudiced against her and think that she is an untalented albeit popular singer. Some veterans of music even call her the queen of pop ironically. She is also called the queen of autotune.

The general attitude of people towards her seems to have made her determined to prove that she is not just a pretty and popular face but she also has substance to her that deserves appreciation.

So, she is driven to make serious music and earn the respect of her peers and those condescending veterans alike. She appears to crave the respect that her father is given in the music industry.

Pilar Gandia, Wife of Camilo Cohen

Pilar Gandia, the wife of Camilo Cohen is played by Karla Cossio. This character was in the original Rebelde. She is one of the characters that made it to the reboot and returned on-screen.

Cossio's character in the original Rebelde was the director's daughter, which made her a misfit among the students of the school. She was never able to mix in and adapt with her peers, which made her high school life hellish and lonely.

In the reboot, as the continuation of her character, Pilar is worried about her daughter that she might face exactly what Pilar did. She does not want Jana to go through being an outcast through no fault of her own. So she tries to dissuade Jana from attending EWS.

Pilar is very obsessive about her daughter and her music career, which is what makes Jana want to leave for EWS.

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