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Reddit: Blue Sapphire Meaning in Peaky Blinders; Did Evadne Barwell’s Daughter Die in Season 6 Due to Its Curse?

Jun 14, 2022 @ 12:43 EDT
Reddit: Blue Sapphire Meaning in Peaky Blinders; Did Evadne Barwell’s Daughter Die in Season 6 Due to Its Curse?

Viewers wonder if Blue sapphire is actually cursed after watching Netflix's Peaky Blinders. First mentioned in Season 3, the jewel/stone is now again shown in the series' Season 6. Some Reddit users seek its actual meaning. Madame Boswell curses Tommy Shelby as he gave the sapphire to Boswell and she gave it to her daughter, Evadne who later dies. Follow the article to know what actually Blue sapphire is and if it is cursed. Many Reddit users also wonder how big and dangerous the blue sapphire is, as well as its price and value.

Peaky Blinders, created by Steven Knight, is a period crime drama series set in Britain between the two World Wars. The plot focuses on the Shelby family, who are part Irish Catholic and part Romani and are the leaders of the eponymous Birmingham street gang.

Season 1 of Peaky Blinders premiered on September 12, 2013. To date, five additional seasons have been broadcast. It has not only gotten great reviews for its performances, plot development, and beautiful editing, but it has also become a cultural phenomenon.

In season 6 on Netflix, the blue sapphire curse reappeared, along with the purpose of the whole thing and why it's so important. Well, if you didn't get the meaning and wanna learn more about its history, we've got you covered.

Reddit: Blue Sapphire’s Meaning in Peaky Blinders; What Is in the Jewel/Stone?

A Russian archduke gave Tommy Shelby a blue sapphire ten years ago in the universe of Peaky Blinders. It was part of a treasure of jewels smuggled out of revolutionary Russia and hidden in the archduke's wife and niece's clothing and intimate places.

The sapphire was a reward for the murder of a spy, as well as a deposit on a cargo of tanks that the Peaky Blinders planned to steal and sell to Georgians opposing the Bolsheviks. Tommy returned home with the jewel and gave it to his wife Grace, as a necklace, suggesting she wear it to the Shelby Foundation's fundraising event.

Grace met the archduke's niece Tatiana at the Foundation event, who recognized the gem. She told him that the sapphire is cursed by a gypsy and nothing would make her wear it. Tommy, who believes in gypsy curses, took the threat seriously and immediately approached Grace to persuade her to remove the necklace.

A voice yelled "For Angel!" and shot Grace dead with a bullet aimed at Tommy before she could react. The gunman was a member of the Changretta family, and the shooting was in retaliation for Angel Changretta's blinding while she was seeing Lizzie Stark.

Tommy, Johnny Dogs, and baby Charles traveled in a wagon to the Black Mountains after Grace's death. He visited Madame Boswell, a gypsy matriarch, for counsel. He told her that he was giving away the sapphire and asked if she wanted it. He informed the wise woman that his wife was wearing it the night she was shot, and he blamed himself.

Madame Boswell said that the sapphire was cursed and that the curse was burning through her fingers. Tommy walked away with the stone, and she shouted after him that he would be blessed with good fortune from now on.

That doubt was replaced with certainty in Season 6. Esme Shelby-Lee tells Tommy that the sapphire was cursed. Madame Boswell (renamed Barwell) gave it to her daughter Evadne, who put it around the neck of her seven-year-old daughter Connie, who began coughing immediately and died before morning.

The sapphire was thrown into the river, and Madame Bowell cursed Tommy Shelby, saying that if he had a daughter, she would die at the same age as her daughter.

In the third episode of season six, Gold, vengeance did come. After hearing voices, seeing visions, and pronouncing the Romani language for the devil, Tommy's seven-year-old daughter Ruby died of tuberculosis. Ruby died as a result of a curse imposed in vengeance for Tommy's gift to the Barwell family of an already cursed sapphire.

Tommy felt guilty about Grace's death and wanted someone other than himself to blame, so he came up with the cursed stone as an explanation. Tommy's imagination almost said as much in season five when he had a vision of Grace holding the sapphire and she spoke of his worst fear.

Some Reddit users believe the jewel certainly is cursed. However, if viewers so want, they can reject all of the talks of curses and jewels and simply accept that Grace was shot by an enemy, that Ruby and Connie both died of tuberculosis, and that the sapphire had no impact on any of it. But the show’s creator Steven Knight explained about the blue sapphire. In an interview, he said,

“They give him a symbol of wealth and power – the blue sapphire – which is cursed! That’s his first encounter with it and he learns it’s actually a curse.”

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