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Barbie Ferreira's Weight Gain: The Untold Story!

Jan 19, 2022 @ 9:51 EST
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Barbie Ferreira's Weight Gain: The Untold Story!

Barbie Ferreira has always been preceded by discussions about her weight, most recently her apparent weight gain. Starting as a size 12 model, the Tumblr alum had been a size 14 sometime in the past. Recent developments or stagnation in Barbie Ferreira's weight have not been recorded and she has also not talked about any speculated weight gain.

Barbie Ferreira, the latest subject of weight gain, is an American model and actress, who is best known for her role as Bailey Butler in the HBO Max movie Unpregnant and as Kat Hernandez in the HBO series Euphoria.

She is also noted as a model who has advocated for body positivity causes and has spoken against body-shaming. She is a social media sensation and has signed with many big brands like Target, H&M, Adidas, Asos, and Forever 21.

She is a role model for many overweight women. She has always lived her life on her own terms and never has let people dictate her life in relation to her weight, and is now a proud and confident 'fat' woman.

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Barbie Ferreira's Weight Gain: What's the Tea?

Barbie Ferreira has always been overshadowed by her weight and physical build. She stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 98 kgs. Her chest, waist, and hips measurement is 40-36-48.

She was size 12 when she started modeling. She had undergone significant weight gain since then and was somewhere size 14 to 16 in the past. Her recent change or no change in the weight department is not something she has talked about.

She has always had body image issues since she was a teenager as she was bullied by her schoolmates for being fat. The worst thing that could happen to her is being called fat. She absolutely loathed that word. At high school as well, she never mixed in, always sat all alone by herself, even went to the prom alone.

Her virtual life was more colorful as she was popular online with a strong Tumblr presence. On Tumblr, she quickly gained some followers with her distinctive look - a “pastel grunge” aesthetic marked by her long hair and septum ring, some of whom suggested that she go for modeling.

Always self-conscious about her weight, she was pleasantly surprised at such a suggestion. Despite her reservations, she ended up submitting her photos to American Apparel’s casting department and started her career from there.

Having always posted photos of her face till that point, she was devastated after her full-body images were reblogged to make fun of her and body-shame her when the retail campaign was released.

Barbie Ferreira was attacked mercilessly with comments about her body that her mother told her to leave modeling. But she must have been tired of being dragged down because of her weight so she powered through all the mocking and landed another job with American Eagle’s Aerie.

Only this time, she didn't wait for people to come for her. Instead, she decided to change the narrative about herself.

Barbie Ferreira was not going to be the overweight girl who kept getting trolled about her weight, she was going to be the one who stood up for herself and other women with bodies like hers.

She went viral as a body-positive role model. She proudly unretouched her photos with such confidence and self-assurance that caught the interest of Wilhelmina’s curve division, and before long she was turning up in spots for Lane Bryant, ASOS, and Target.

She called for an end to the use of the term "plus-size" and openly spoke up about body-shaming in the fashion industry.

Even though her relationship with her weight had evolved maturely with time and she had successfully broken into such a severe industry, which was not kind to people like her, she grew tired of the unforgiving lifestyle and criticism for her agency, after which she slowly transitioned into an actress.

Barbie Ferreira Besides Being a Model

Barbie Ferreira was born in the New York City borough of Queens on December 14, 1996.  She has Brazilian heritage. She was raised by her mother, aunt, and grandmother in Maywood, New Jersey. Her mother and grandmother were chefs. She studied at Hackensack High School.

Barbie starred in How to Behave, the 10-episode Vice series about etiquette which earned her a Webby Award for Best Web Personality/Host. Barbie Ferreira also did the Teen Vogue web series Body Party, about body positivity.

In addition to that, the 25-year-old played the role of Ella in two episodes of the HBO series Divorce. She made her film debut in Unpregnant and has starred in Euphoria.

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