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Avori Henderson From The Mole: The Professional Gamer/Twitch Streamer Is Signed With XSET Who Promotes Women in Gaming; Age & Instagram of the Netflix Cast; 2022 Update!

Oct 14, 2022 @ 8:19 EDT
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Avori Henderson From The Mole: The Professional Gamer/Twitch Streamer Is Signed With XSET Who Promotes Women in Gaming; Age & Instagram of the Netflix Cast; 2022 Update!

Avori Henderson, one of the cast members of Netflix's The Mole, is a professional gamer who claims her purpose is to promote women in gaming. As of 2022, the 26-year-old Twitch streamer is signed with XSET. Follow to know more about Avori with her Instagram handle (@avoristrib).

The Mole has finally returned to television after a few long years, but this time on Netflix. In the series, a Mole tries to thwart the victories of the 12 competitors as they cooperate to add money to a prize pool. In order to win cash prizes, a group of contestants completes a variety of physical and cerebral tasks on The Mole, but one of them is a mole who has been sent by the producers to sabotage the missions without being discovered by the other players.

Each mission has a twist that gives participants the opportunity to increase the value of their overall reward pool for themselves or the group, as well as the chance to lose everything. Following each mission, participants take a quiz to test their knowledge of the mole, and the candidate with the most incorrect answers is eliminated.

Avori Henderson, a gamer for XSET, stunned some viewers of the new Netflix competition, The Mole, by joining the competition. For those who do know about her profession and why she is familiar to most of the viewers, we've got you covered. Here is everything we know about her.

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Avori Henderson From The Mole: The Professional Gamer Is a Twitch Streamer Who Is Currently Signed With XSET and Wants to Promote Women in Gaming: Age & Instagram of the Netflix Cast; 2022 Update!

Fans were thrilled to see Avori Henderson (@avoristrib), 26, on the Netflix competition series The Mole, which is based on other games like The Challenge. Avori, a former pageant queen who switched to Twitch streaming and is currently signed with XSET, has been growing her fan base for a while. Within this time, she has accumulated over 500,000 fans, many of whom routinely watch her daily streams.

Avori, who frequently promotes several causes and uses her platform to forge new relationships, may not be unfamiliar with acting as a double agent. She wants to promote women in gaming as a personal objective. She has described how being a female gamer in such a heavily male-dominated industry exposes her to criticism and hostility on a daily basis.

Even though she frequently encounters toxic behavior, Avori makes an effort to remain focused on her objectives and inspire other female gamers. With her newfound Netflix fame, she might be able to appear on other Netflix-based shows and spread her message to more people.

In 2019, Avori made history by hosting the first all-female PUBG competition. A lot of fans and streamers enjoy the online battle royale game PUBG, but many of its most visible participants are men. While promoting female gaming, Avori's event received more than 150,000 live streams and raised over $10,000 for its partner charities, including the Children's Miracle Network.

Avori competes against some of the best eSports players in the world as an XSET gamer. She is represented by the team, produces material for them, and was the first female gamer from Ford Models to secure such a lucrative contract with the business at the time of her deal. It is not surprising to see her join Netflix's cast given their potential to make history with their shows and casting decisions. Avori can reach a larger audience and have her material exposed to new viewers because she is an XSET creator.

In the Netflix show, many viewers believe she might be the Mole. Avori, a skilled strategist and professional gamer, has sabotaged a number of activities in front of the camera to intentionally raise questions. Are they acting like moles? Perhaps. When the Mole pretended to be Avori during the Great Barrier Reef treasure hunt, during which she deliberately discarded important artifacts along the shore and pretended to be seasick, Dom returned home. She excused opening the dossiers by pointing out that they had paper clips that had been broken, but she continued to look at people.

In episode 1, Avori and Pranav formed a solid alliance. She stated, "Forming a relationship with someone, swapping information, and staying loyal to each other will win you the game." Even though William separates Avori and Pranav during the jailbreak mission in episode 2, they completely succeed in the warehouse code-cracking task. Then, in episode 4, during the bank robbery, she made the decision to keep her knowledge of Jacob's incorrect cash count to herself. Smart play or MOLE? We'll find that in the further episodes.

Additionally, The Mole is currently streaming on Netflix.

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