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What Is up With Aubin Wise’s Dimples? Has the First Kill Cast Undergone Any Surgery for Her Dimpled Smile?

Jun 13, 2022 @ 9:41 EDT
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What Is up With Aubin Wise’s Dimples? Has the First Kill Cast Undergone Any Surgery for Her Dimpled Smile?

Viewers have been fascinated with Aubin Wise's dimples after watching First Kill on Netflix. She plays the role of Talia Burns in the show. Many viewers found her dimpled smile very obsessive, while others speculate she might have undergone dimpleplasty. Follow the article to know more about Aubin Wise, her character, and her dimples in the show.

First Kill, a Netflix LGBTQ+ vampire series, puts a modern spin on a historical conflict between vampires and guild-sponsored monster-hunters. Juliette and Calliope are classmates at the same high school and are attracted to one another. The centuries-old animosity between their families, on the other hand, is an intriguing obstacle to overcome. The series is based on Victoria "V.E." Schwab's story of the same name.

The high-stakes teen vampire drama takes place in a seemingly normal suburban village, complete with supernatural brutality. This heightens the surreality of the tale while also providing an appropriate backdrop for the story's high school teenage drama.

The new Netflix series does not contain any widely popular faces. However, it does include extremely talented actors. One of the cast members which viewers are curious to know about is Aubin Wise. She plays the role of Talia Burns in the series. Some fans even wonder about her highly fascinating dimples. Well, here is everything we know about Aubin Wise.

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Aubin Wise’s Dimples: The First Kill Cast Has Left Viewers Arguing About Her Smile!

Aubin Wise (born in 1988) is an American actress who rose to prominence in 2016 after starring as Jayde in the comedy-drama, Atlanta.

This gifted actress came to the limelight in 2022 after starring as Talia Burns in the Netflix vampire drama, First Kill.  This vampire-themed serial is Wise's first major project; prior to this, she had mostly minor roles in shows and movies.

According to sources, Aubin (@aubinwise) has been attending Broadway since she was a child, and here is where her acting career began. Wise earned a BFA from a reputable college after finishing high school.

Following her graduation, Wise connected with Authentic Talent and Literary Management and auditioned for a number of roles on the advice of her manager, Jill Kaplan. She appeared in a few advertisements, but she didn't have a regular acting career.

As mentioned earlier, she plays the role of Talia Burns in Netflix's First Kill. Talia Burns is the mother of the prestigious monster-hunting family. She is the mother of Calliope and will go to any length to protect her family. We can only imagine the extremes Talia will go to keep Cal and Juliette apart because this is a drama about forbidden love.

On the other hand, many viewers got obsessed with Aubin's smile, especially her dimples. Viewers couldn't stop talking about her smile. Some viewers even speculated that she might have undergone Dimpleplasty.

Dimpleplasty is a cosmetic surgery that generates dimples on the cheekbones. Dimples are indentations that appear on certain people's faces when they smile. They're usually found at the bottoms of the cheeks. Some people may also have chin dimples. It's unclear how Aubin Wise has obsessive dimples. However, viewers can't help but notice her flattering dimples.

Who Is Talia Burns? Meet Aubin Wise’s Character in the Netflix Show!

Played by Aubin Wise, Talia Burns' growth and development over the season, as well as who she is revealed to be, are beautifully depicted. Talia is your typical monster hunter/mother at the start of the series, personable and full of love for her family.

She, like the rest of her family, believes that all monsters should be slain, so when Cal begins her whirlwind affair with Juliette, she is completely taken aback.

Talia, among the numerous members of Cal's family, and even Juliette's, is arguably the most opposed to this relationship, with Juliette's mother, Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell), following closely after.

This does not change over the course of the eight episodes, but each one adds to her character in the most fascinating and thrilling ways possible while maintaining everything that makes her such a wonderful woman and mother. Now to learn more about Talia and what happens in the show, go through Netflix and watch the full episodes on the streaming platform.

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