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Ari Gibson From Surviving Summer: Meet Ari Cast, Actor Kai Lewins, on Instagram!

Jun 9, 2022 @ 16:19 EDT
Ari Gibson From Surviving Summer: Meet Ari Cast, Actor Kai Lewins, on Instagram!

Ari Gibson (played by actor Kai Lewins) eventually falls for Summer Torres (played by Sky Katz) in Netflix's Surviving Summer. Viewers of the show believe Kai Lewins, who is 20 years old, was perfectly cast for the role of Ari. Summer and Ari do not end up together, however, the show hints at the possibility of Season 2 at the end of the show where they might get together. Follow the article to know more about Ari Gibson.

Surviving Summer on Netflix is a teen drama series about a spoiled and rebellious teen named Summer Torres who is expelled from her New York City high school. Her mother then sends her to live with a few family friends in a little surfing town called Shorehaven in Victoria, Australia.

The series was created by Joanna Werner and Josh Mapleton and got released on Netflix in June 2022. In the show, Summer is attracted to the town, the people, and, most importantly, the surfing, despite her lack of interest in interacting with the locals and making new friends in the new town.

This is largely due to Ari Gibson. As a result, many viewers are curious to know more about him. So who is Ari Gibson? How did he affect Summer's life?

Previously, we touched on the cast and Season 2.

Who Is Ari Gibson in Surviving Summer? Does He End up With Summer?

Ari Gibson, played by Kai Lewins (@kailewins), is the total opposite of Summer Torres, played by Sky Katz (@skykatz). She is a passionate surfer who is a stickler for the rules. Summer is taken in by the Gibson family when she arrives in the small village of Shorehaven. Summer, of course, plans her escape and tries to go back to the airport and, eventually, New York.

Despite her best attempts, Summer soon learns to like being in Shorehaven, thanks in part to her friendship with Ari Gibson. Around episodes 3 and 4, the show expands its range beyond Summer's antics and adds plenty of new people, each with their own set of problems.

Ari Gibson, on the other hand, is clearly one of the more interesting and complex characters in the story. Ari, an outstanding surfer, is haunted by the ghosts of his past, particularly after a horrific accident in the water a year ago. He's tormented by anxiety in the days leading up to important occasions, driving him to hold his knees and breathe deeply in isolation.

Summer finds herself in a difficult situation when she learns of Ari's health, conflicted between her devotion to him and telling his parents what's going on. Ari's rival/friend Marlon adds to the drama, beginning as a great enemy for Ari but melting as we discover more about his past over the course of the ten episodes.

With Bodhi and Poppy each having their own difficulties and relationship problems, there are other girls present to assist balance out the war of the sexes. Now let's talk about how Season 1 ends for Ari Gibson.

Summer leaves ahead with Margot in Episode 10 of the Netflix series. Meanwhile, Ari is in trouble for going to the tournament against his parents' wishes and violating curfew. Despite his success in the finals, Abbie is dissatisfied and demands that he return home.

Summer and Ari are the first on the scene, which is fortunate considering that they both ran away from their parents and went out in the water earlier in the chapter.

Summer and Ari, meanwhile, attempt to convince each other's mothers to change their minds. However, it has the unintended consequence of Abbie and Margot clashing over their parenting techniques.

Of course, this has an impact on the kids, as Ari Gibson blames Summer for ruining all of her previous relationships. Summer, on the other hand, bites back, pleading with Ari to tell his mother the truth about his anxieties.

Ari arrives at the airport just in time to see Summer off before she departs. He admits that he has taken the first step, just as she advised. The couple kisses while longingly looking at each other. "Don’t miss me too much," Summer says as she walks away to catch her flight.

Moreover, Australian actor Kai Lewins takes on the character of charming Ari Gibson. Kai is 20 years old having been born on November 27th, 2001. Despite his age, Kai Lewins has more than a decade of acting experience, having started in the industry in 2011 with the Australian series, Wild Boys.

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