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Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep Still Together? How Did They Meet? Bling Empire Update!

Oct 11, 2022 @ 9:39 EDT
Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep Still Together? How Did They Meet? Bling Empire Update!

Yes, Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep are still together. Many of us are unaware but they were a couple before. However, they broke up because of personal reasons. In Season 3 of Bling Empire, Christine Chiu planned a surprise meet-up between them, and the couple reunite after a gap of six and a half years.

Bling Empire is an entertaining reality TV show on Netflix about wealthy Asian Americans who live a high-profile social life in Los Angeles. Although it can be difficult to maintain such a lifestyle while juggling personal and professional responsibilities, some people would do anything to succeed and live in luxury. With so much wealth on display, it makes sense that fans have always wanted to know more about their favorite reality TV stars.

A new wealthy Asian has been introduced to viewers of the popular show every season. Fans first got to know Dorothy Wang and Mimi and Don Morris in Season 2. Season 3 has now introduced us to the beautiful Devon Diep.

Viewers get to experience the romance between Kevin Kreider, a fan favorite, and Devon Diep, his previous flame, toward the close of season 3 of the show. Given the diverse range of feelings evoked by his development, people are wondering if Kevin and Devon are still together. Well, here is everything we know about their relationship.

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Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep Are Still Together and Happy With Each Other: Know About Their Journey; Bling Empire Update!

Yes, it appears like Kevin Kreider (@kevin.kreider) and Devon Diep (@devondie) are still together. The two have only lately begun to share social media postings that highlight one another, and their followers are delighted that they are dating. The happy couple appears to be succeeding in both their personal and professional life and is developing their businesses in an excellent manner.

Viewers were mostly interested in Kevin Kreider's romantic life for the first three seasons of the show. Kelly Mi Li was in a relationship at the time, but he was initially interested in dating her. He was more than happy to make a move when Kelly became single. Kevin's hopes were dashed, nevertheless, by Kelly's troubled past with Andrew Gray as well as a number of other aspects. Soon after, Kevin and Kim Lee began dating, but after much turmoil, they ultimately decided to remain friends.

Despite the fact that he had stopped his relationship with Kim, the tension between them was still very intense. Kevin was furious when Kim invited Lewis Tan to Kane Lim's listing party because he thought she had lied to him about not being ready for a relationship.

Kevin came to Paris, France, with Christine Chiu to attend fashion week, but he wasn't overly satisfied with his love life. He revealed to Christine there that he was sick of chasing after other people and that he was increasingly looking back at his past and doubting whether it held the key to his heart.

Kevin Kreider talked to Christine about Devon Diep, a former lover from his time on the East Coast. Although the two had a wonderful relationship, it ended poorly, and he claimed that this was primarily due to his actions at the time because he was still adjusting to his newly found sobriety. In truth, Kevin and Devon were planning to go to Los Angeles together, but after their breakup, he had to make the journey alone. Christine could not help but be amazed at this vulnerable side of Kevin as he questioned whether Devon was the one for him.

Christine found Devon and arranged a surprise meet-up for Kevin in Paris in order to help her little brother in all but blood. He was completely taken aback by the turn of events and couldn't help but marvel at the surprise while thanking Christine again. After that, Kevin and Devon went on another date where they talked about their past and how things had changed, particularly for him. They decided to give their relationship another go despite the gap of six and a half years.

Christine planned a lavish get-together for everyone in the friend group once they were back in Los Angeles, but she kept Devon a secret. To the surprise of everyone else, Christine introduced Devon to the group after everyone had arrived, introducing her as the love of Kevin Kreider's life. Even though Kevin insisted that he had informed Devon everything regarding his interactions with Kelly and Kim, Devon wasn't overly happy about the news.

Devon is the CEO of "allsproductions," which will launch soon and concentrate on Asian-led love stories. She also contributed to the founding of Lychee Lovers, Love Mama X Me, and Diep Looks. The actress also manages a King Boo-specific Instagram account, where Nini, another of her cats, occasionally makes an appearance. Kevin Kreider and Devon both appear to be happy with their life and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. We hope for their future endeavors to be successful and wish them the utmost best in life.

Additionally, Bling Empire is now streaming on Netflix.

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