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Archive 81: Who is Kaelego Demon? Is He a God?

Jan 19, 2022 @ 15:04 EST
Archive 81: Who is Kaelego Demon? Is He a God?

Kaelego from Archive 81 is the half-demon, half-god being who rules over the parallel universe that Dan visits in the final episode to save Melody, and he appears to be more influenced by his demon side. Fans wonder about Kaelego's origins and whether the demon and god creature is real mythology. Unfortunately, the Archive 81 character is purely fictional.

The American horror television series Archive 81 was created by Rebecca Sonnenshine and executive produced by Sonnenshine, Boardman, and James Wan.

The show is based on a podcast of the same name, which follows researchers as they categorize a lost filmmaker's video library. Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi play the key parts. The series premiered on Netflix on January 14, 2022.

Archive 81, Netflix's mind-bending thriller, is stitched with threads from mythology and technology into a complicated drama that will make anyone's mind swing like a pendulum.

The plot attempts to connect the lives of two people living in different timelines who are at odds with an outer world divine who appears in both mythology and xenoarchaeology.

Archive 81 is about a man who discovers videotapes of a mystery woman's escapades in an even more mysterious apartment complex. What appeared to be a routine task becomes a nightmare when the weird creature that snatched the woman's life in the past appears to have found a way back to him 25 years later.

Previously, we explained the Visser Apartments building, Wellspring DNA Testing, the Archive 81 ending, whether or not it's based on a true story.

In addition, we touched on the character of Evie Crest, Matt McGorry's weight gain and wife, and the precise filming locations,

Archive 81: Who is Kaelego? A Demon or a God?

In the final episode of Archive 81, Dan travels to another realm to rescue Melody, who has been trapped there with Kaelego, and return her to our world. Kaelego is a half-demon, half-god who ruled over this other universe in the 14th century.

The Baldung coven of the 14th century had sacrificed their magic to trap Kaelego behind a pedestal sculpture. His sculpture is constructed of Kharonite, a rare gemstone. The character's appearance is undeniably monster, and his demeanor is certainly frightening.

It also doesn't help his cause when he appears through the white noise of a television screen, and even begins to crawl out of it at one point (much to Dan's horror).

The Vos Society cult, centered in Visser's heart, was striving to call Kaelego. Virgil had hired Dan to restore Melody's tapes because he believed the key to raising Kaelego was contained inside them. Kaelego infiltrated the universe by assuming the appearance of hallucinogenic fungus, which represented his blood.

From the perspective of the two protagonists (Dan and Melody), Kaelogo is a demon. Because they are still learning about his universe, there is a chance that some of the entity's favorable characteristics will eventually be revealed. After all, Kaelego is a half-god as well.

Where Did Kaelego Come From?

Kaelego is thought to be a piece of a comet that crashed with the Earth's surface millions of years ago. This comet is named Kharon after Hades' ferryman, who transports the souls of the dead across the river Styx.

The comet initially appeared in Archive 81 in 1924, under Vos' reign, and later in 1994, when Samuel attempted to conduct the ritual.

When Kharon the comet appeared, it was said to cause a weakening of the barrier between two worlds: the earth realm and other realms. Kaelego, like all demons, desired to remake the world in his image, and those who worshiped him would benefit from his rule.

Baldung Coven, most likely in the 14th century, feared Kaelego's dominance and hence sacrificed their magic to trap Kaelego inside the pedestal sculpture.

Because of the sacrifice, the gateway between the two realms could only be opened by Baldung's blood, which is when Melody entered the picture. Melody had a connection with Baldung Coven.

Samuel tracked her down with the help of Steve Turner and sent her a letter in the name of Julia Bennett requesting that Melody be brought to Visser.

Despite the fact that comet Kharon was named after Hades' ferryman, the other realm controlled by Kaelego could not be described as hell or Hades' underworld. Beatriz Reyes summoned William Crest's dead spirit without any terrible mishaps.

However, while attempting to help Melody, she was thrown into the future, where Dan connected with Melody. The bridge linking these two times was most likely Kaelego's domain, which, like Eleanor and Anabelle, had a mental impact on Beatriz.

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