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Archive 81 Ending Explained: Samuel, Melody, Dan, Iris & More!

Jan 15, 2022 @ 6:55 EST
Archive 81 Ending Explained: Samuel, Melody, Dan, Iris & More!

Archive 81's ending left more questions than answers on Season 1 episode 8. The Netflix finale saw Samuel save Melody and Dan ending up in 1994. We've explained the Archive 81 ending. 

Archive 81, the heavily hyped supernatural horror drama, premiered on Netflix on 14th January 2022. Mamoudou Athie, Dina Shihabi, Matt McGorry, Julia Chan, Martin Donovan, and other talented but frequently overlooked actors appear in the series.

Mystery scares on Netflix have developed their own fandom over the years, and it is just expanding. It's no shock, however, that the advent of Archive 81 has already begun to generate a lot of talk among fans of the genre.

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Archive 81 Ending Explained: What Transpired in the Netflix Finale?

This eerie series, largely based on the renowned podcast Archive 81, takes fans through a twisted maze packed with unresolved riddles in the form of video cassettes, interwoven waking dreams, and otherworldly aspects.

Let's take a peek at how the show's ending unfolds for viewers.

Samuel Saves Melody But Why?

Archive 81 conclusion is unquestionably thrilling to watch. Dan travels to the other world to rescue Melody, with the assistance of her mother, who is of the Baldung family.

Dan discovers his family, all joyful and together, there. However, Dan immediately learns that it is a trap designed to keep him there. He then continues his search for Melody. Dan ultimately finds Melody, and the two of them rush to the other side of the gateway.

But, out of nowhere, Samuel appears and pulls Melody out from the portal, leaving Dan stranded. For Samuel, abandoning Dan seems acceptable, but why he retrieves Melody remains a mystery.

Why does he lead her in the correct direction? Is there a secret agenda at work? This is definitely something worth waiting for.

Dan Ends Up in 1994 But How?

As the event progresses, the Archive 81 audience can witness Dan become trapped inside the other realm, weak and alone.

The scene's stress builds. However, within a few seconds, viewers observe Dan awakening in a hospital in 1994, completely uninformed, just like the Netflix watchers.

The portal is the key to another planet, but is it also the door to another timeframe? Two doors are revealed in the scene just before Samuel pulls Melody away. Is the other door a portal to the past? The only way to know is to wait and see.

What Happens to Iris Vos?

Earlier on in the season, fans saw Iris Vos within an alternate reality. However, when Dan arrives to save Melody and return her to our world, the viewers do not see Iris whatsoever in the other world.

Is Iris's life coming to an end? Or, like Dan, did she wind up someplace else in a separate timeline? What new calamity will she unleash? That's a fascinating question. Let's hope there will be a season 2 where these issues are solved.

Archive 81 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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