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Archive 81: What is Comet Kharon? Is Kharonite Stone Real?

Jan 21, 2022 @ 15:20 EST
Archive 81: What is Comet Kharon? Is It Real?

Comet Kharon from Archive 81 collided with the Earth millions of years ago. Does Comet Kharon exist in the real world? Also, learn about Kharonite stone and gems. Netflix viewers misspell Comet Kharon's name as Charon, Chiron, Karon, and Kahron.

Another important series that has been adding to the suspicion is Archive 81, which has been streaming on Netflix with a lot of interesting content. In the current catalogs of their final pieces of work, the thriller series investigates the fate of a missing filmmaker from 1994 as a video researcher.

Fans have been wondering if Archive 81 is based on a true tale or if the Netflix thriller is a work of fiction as the series has grown in popularity on the massive streaming platform since its release on January 14.

Dan Turner, an archivist, gets a job fixing a collection of videotapes in order to rebuild the work of Melody Pendras, a documentary filmmaker who went missing in 1994. Dan becomes increasingly preoccupied with Melody's life and what happened to her as he works closely with him.

He subsequently learns that director Melody was not just abducted during a cult rite, but was instead transferred to another realm, the Otherworld, where she has been trapped since 1994.

Dan travels there to save her out of curiosity and to learn more, but they are separated before they can return to reality safely.

Previously, we explained the Visser Apartments building, Wellspring DNA Testing, Baldung Witches, the Archive 81 ending, whether or not it's based on a true story.

In addition, we touched on the character of Evie Crest, the Vos Society, Matt McGorry's weight gain and wife, and the precise filming locations.

What is Comet Kharon? Is it Real?

Kaelego's sculpture is constructed of Kharonite, a rare gemstone. It's thought to be a piece of a comet that collided with the Earth millions of years ago. This comet is named Kharon, after Hades' ferryman who transports the souls of the dead over the river Styx.

Once every 70.6 years,  Comet Kharon pays a visit to our inner solar system. The comet initially appeared in Archive 81 in 1924, under Vos' rule, and then again in 1994, when Samuel attempted to conduct the ritual.

It was thought that whenever Comet Kharon appeared, it caused the curtain between two worlds, the earth realm and other realms, to thin. It opened a portal between the two realms, allowing the demon of another dimension, Kaelego, to enter our domain.

Kaelego, like other demons, desired to remake the world in his own image, with those who worshipped him benefiting from his control.

Many of the elements in Netflix's Archive 81 are completely made up. In the same way, there is not anything like Comet Kharon that orbits the earth which indicates that it isn't our reality.

Is Archive 81 Renewed for Season 2?

No, not yet. But Season 1 left a lot of things unanswered, which might be addressed in the next chapter. Showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine, on the other hand, already has ideas about where the tale may go next.

"I hope so, but I actually have no idea. But I hope so. It was always meant to keep going. We are always thinking about season 2." she told Entertainment Weekly.

In fact, they began conceptualizing about Season 2 as soon as they finished working on Season 1. They started an email exchange about ideas for Season 2 as soon as they wrapped their room. They've been accumulating and then actually getting down and thinking about what might happen in Season 2 throughout production and post.

They've got some pretty amazing things to tell. The Archive 81 podcast has three seasons under its belt, so if the show is renewed, the TV version will have much to work with. Let's hope we get to see the next chapter as soon as possible.

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