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Meet Anna Shay’s Friend, Maria Jose Lainez: Everything You Need to Know About Her; Bling Empire Update!

Oct 10, 2022 @ 5:15 EDT
Meet Anna Shay’s Friend, Maria Jose Lainez: Everything You Need to Know About Her; Bling Empire Update!

Anna Shay's friend, Maria Jose Lainez, is Anna's best friend who first appeared in Season 2 of Netflix's Bling Empire. She was right beside Anna throughout the season and was helping her in making decisions. Apart from the show, we can see the two BFFs together posing for pictures together on their Instagram, especially on Maria (@mariaa.lainezz). Follow to know more about Maria and her friendship with Anna.

Bling Empire, a Netflix reality show, follows some of the wealthiest East Asians and South East Asians in and around Los Angeles, California. The show provides viewers with information about the daily activities and challenges of the wealthy and glitzy cast members. It is not surprising that drama may readily find them in one way or another given how well they all know one another, especially when it comes to issues of the heart.

The quietest cast members are the rarest on the popular Netflix reality series, but if you pay close attention to several of Anna Shay's scenes in Bling Empire you'll see a woman by her side who appears to be her sister. Well, she is not her sister but a friend. Maria Jose Lainez is her full name.

When Anna visits a jewelry store in Bling Empire Season 2, Episode 1, Maria is right there by her side (Anna jokes that the owner is her diamond dealer). We enjoyed it when Maria asked if anyone wanted something to eat during a stressful scene between Anna, Kane, and Kim even if she didn't say much when she appeared in Bling Empire. Similarly, many viewers want to know more about Anna Shay's friend, Maria Jose Lainez.

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Meet Anna Shay’s Friend, Maria Jose Lainez: The Two Besties Are True Examples of How to Become a BFF; Bling Empire Update!

We were fascinated by the mysterious Maria Jose Lainez (@mariaa.lainezz). She does have an Instagram page with just over 2200 followers. According to her photos, Maria appears to be having the time of her life, and many of the images include her best friend Anna Shay (@annashay93).

Maria and Anna are often seen posing together with a BFF caption. Maria was 56 years old when she appeared on Bling Empire Season 2 according to Gossip Next Door. She was born on August 13th. Maria also posts photos of her family. Carmen Lainez and Gloria Maria are her two daughters. Although Maria is a more quiet appearance on Bling Empire, her motivational Instagram bio provides insight into her character: The phrase "La felicidad no es un meta, es sentimiento de uno" loosely translates to "Happiness isn't a goal, it's a feeling."

According to an earlier Distractify report, Anna had a net worth of at least $600 million, based on the proceeds she earned from the sale of her wealthy father's business. Her best friend must be quite wealthy if she can afford the Alexander McQueen outfits she sports in Bling Empire Season 2, Episode 6. Maria's actual net worth is unknown, but according to The Gossip Next Door, she has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Maria does share a lot of luxury travel photos.

But what we adore about Maria is how genuine she is. It was Maria who made the observation that Anna should be appreciative that Kane approached her with his concerns regarding the drama during the aforementioned uncomfortable conversation that Anna, Kane, and Kim had concerning Christine supposedly slandering Anna's name in Bling Empire Season 2, Episode 6.

Maria expressed her opinion that he merited praise for doing that. Maria again inquired if anyone would like anything to eat after their conversation was finished. "Sandwich? You like to eat," she says, even though Kane, Kim, and Anna say no. However, we didn't get to see her in Season 3. We hope Maria will be back if Bling Empire is extended for a fourth season because she brought a rare piece of sincere humor to a show that feeds on the drama.

Everything You Need to Know About Anna Shay’s Father!

Anna Shay is the daughter of the late billionaire Edward Albert Shay and a Japanese-American woman named Ai-San, who taught in her the value of money, privacy, and family while she was still a child. In 1955, her father established Pacific Architects and Engineers, also referred to as PAE or PA&E, in California.

However, because the company's founding engineer had previously worked in Japan, the defense service contractor's initial business dealings there concerning real estate development. The company currently focuses on top-secret work for the American government and the United Nations.

Prior to selling 40% of PAE to an employee equity ownership plan in 1974, Edward Shay served as the company's chairman, CEO, and sole shareholder. But even after that, Edward still had the most influence over how the company operated, largely because the program sold all the shares back to him in 1988.

From 1968 on, Edward made Los Angeles his primary home after spending his childhood years in Tokyo with his family. After Edward passed away in 1995, Allen, Anna's younger brother and Edward's only son, took over the management of the business. However, the siblings decided to sell PAE to Lockheed Martin in 2006 in exchange for $1.2 billion in cash.

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