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Details on Anna Paul’s Accidental Weight Loss After Breakup!

Mar 3, 2024 @ 10:45 EST
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Details on Anna Paul’s Accidental Weight Loss After Breakup!

Anna Paul has undergone a drastic weight loss, around 30-40 pounds, following her breakup with her longtime boyfriend. In response to a Reddit user's concern about her appearance, she clarified that the changes were accidental, as she was too upset and anxious to eat for the weeks following the breakup.

Anna Paul, a 24-year-old Australian social media influencer, YouTuber, Instagram personality, content producer, TikTok star, and businesswoman, is well-known around the country for her YouTube work and the OnlyFans account. She rose to fame due to her luxurious lifestyle.

Not only that, but she has a significant following on her social media pages. She is also a vlogger who always uploads her videos to her YouTube account and also streams online using her Twitch account.

However, Anna Paul has been in the spotlight in recent days due to her significant weight loss transformation. Fans believe she now seems completly different with her lean and thin physique. Well, here is everything you need to know about her journey.

Anna Paul Weight Loss: The Aussie OnlyFans Star Lost Around 30-40 Pounds Following Her Breakup!

As we can see, Anna Paul's dramatic weight loss of around 30-40 pounds has generated a lot of heat on the internet in recent days. On 3 February 2024, the TikTok star flaunted her fit and toned physique before heading to the gym. She then posted a mirror picture showing off her abs while dressed in an Alo sports bra and pajama trousers.

Anna Paul before and after weight loss. netflixdeed.comAnna Paul before and after weight loss.
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The 24-year-old brunette tweeted the photo at 6.03 a.m., claiming that her brother, Atis 'woke 'woke the whole house up to go to the gym'. The OnlyFans star disclosed her unexpected weight loss and leg bruising in a video of herself relaxing at Bali's Sundays Beach Club.

At the time, Anna Paul flaunted her tiny figure in a string bikini while lounging in a bean bag on the sand, sipping a blue cocktail. After a fan expressed concern over the X-rated star's health, she confessed in the comments that the bruising and weight loss occurred after she split from her longtime boyfriend, Glen Thomson. The fan asked,

Anna what are those bruises you okay girl?' to which Anna replied, 'Malnutrition due to heartbreak tbh.

The former couple dated for eight years before announcing their split in August 2023. Several additional fans stepped up to show their support. One user wrote, 'I'm so sorry Anna. I've been there. I'm praying for you! Another added, 'I promise you're gonna pull through.'

However, they appear to be on good terms after the breakup, as they were reunited with their separate family members for lunch and Christmas celebrations. Furthermore, Anna Paul even shared an emotional video on her Facebook, revealing that it was a mutual separation and that they were still very much in love. She stated,

So, Glen and I broke up. We were together for eight years, and I know that my relationship is a relationship that you guys look up to. As in like, 'The only reason I believe in love is because of Anna and Glen.' We still love each other, so much. It was a mutual breakup. We've been together since we were 15 and now we're 24. I love him so much, but we're just not in a relationship anymore. We are now both single.

Reddit Discusses Anna Paul’s Drastic Weight Loss Journey!

Anna Paul previously revealed that her weight loss was due to her breakup with her long-term partner, Glen Thomson. And it seems her transformation has been a hot topic among Reddit users.

Reddit users are happy after Anna Paul's breakup which resulted in weight loss. netflixdeed.comReddit users are happy after Anna Paul's breakup which resulted in weight loss.
Image Source: Instagram

Many Reddit users have shown their interest in Anna Paul's transformation. While many users have praised her weight loss journey, some seem to troll and criticize her because of her reason for losing weight. One user posted,

I wanna know how she lost so much weight. I don’t want people who get triggered by every little thing telling me why I shouldn’t ask. Just tell me or scroll and move on.

To which another replied, 'I lost maybe like 15 pounds from my last breakup… it’s either people eat a lot when they’re sad or have no appetite at all.' Furthermore, the third one added,

100% the breakup and she’s made multiple comments on how she isn’t really happy with it / has lost her appetite too. I hope she’s feeling better bc I rly like her

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