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Luisa Rubino: Meet Andrea Nunez From Narcos Mexico Season 3!

Nov 11, 2021 @ 2:24 EST
Luisa Rubino: Meet Andrea Nunez From Narcos Mexico Season 3!

Andrea Nunez from Narcos Mexico Season 3 is played by new cast Luisa Rubino. Some fans are trying to find a link between Andrea Nunez and La Voz Mexico.

Narcos: Mexico, the popular crime drama on Netflix, has just ended season 3 and brought forward new characters.

This chapter, which serves as the third and final season, introduces Andrea Nuez and delves into her personality (just as Benjamin Arellano Félix, David Barron, Alex Hodoyan, Ruben Zuno Arce, and Amado Carrillo Fuentes).

The latest season of the series returned the story to the early days of the Mexican drug war and included a slew of new characters. Narcos: Mexico's third season will also be the show's concluding phase.

Who Is Andrea Nunez From Narcos Mexico Season 3?

Andrea Nunez makes an appearance in Season 3 as a shrewd journalist, depicted by Mexican actress Luisa Rubino, best known for her work in Fugitiva.

Andrea, who grew up with a strong interest in crime, politics, and drug trafficking as a result of her fairly frequent perusal of the media, now attempts to uncover what is going on behind the veil.

Her debut case in the show begins when she learns of the nuptials of drug dealer Enedina Arellano Félix to lawyer Claudio Vazquez.

While one of her inquiries goes nowhere - trying to spy on one of the Arellano's main shareholders – she does succeed in ruining the investor's relationship with the family.

Does Luisa Rubino's Andrea Nunez Survive Narcos Mexico Season 3?

Andrea Nunez does, in fact, survive the catastrophes of Season 3. During the season finale, Walt provides Andrea with some evidence on Alex Hodoyan's predicament.

Rubino spoke with Distractify about the season finale plus Mexico's present state of things, stating:

Well, as we all say, it’s a never-ending story. I think it’s a big opportunity for the world, not just Latin America or America, but the whole world, Europe and Australia and Asia, you know, to really know and see what’s going on … for people to see what we’ve been through as a country.

Meanwhile, some fans wonder if the character is based on a real person. Well, we can confirm Andrea Nuez is not exactly based on a real individual.

Some viewers reckon Andrea was partly inspired by Adela Navarro Bello, the current head of Zeta magazine, which is supposed to represent the real-life La Voz.

Salgado, Andrea's editor, is supposed to be modeled on Jes Blancornelas, Bello's award-winning supervisor.

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