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Holly Berry: Anatomy of a Scandal Kate Woodcroft Twist Explained!

Apr 17, 2022 @ 12:45 EDT
Holly Berry: Anatomy of a Scandal Kate Woodcroft Twist Explained!

Kate Woodcroft, one of the characters on Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal, reveals that she is Holly Berry in the final episode of the series, the same Holly Berry that Sophie Whitehouse used during her university days to complete the class. During the trial of James Whitehouse, an Oxford administrator accuses James of assaulting Holly when she was in the university. Find out more about Holly and if she was really sexually assaulted by James.

The new British anthology series Anatomy of a Scandal is based on Sarah Vaughan's blockbuster novel of the same name. The courtroom drama, which premiered on Netflix on Friday, April 15, is already fascinating to its viewers across the world.

This six-episode drama starring Rupert Friend, Sienna Miller, Michelle Dockery, Josette Simon, and Naomi Scott revolves around a political sex scandal involving a member of Parliament. Olivia Lytton, the former girlfriend of James Whitehouse, has accused him of sexual assault. With a far-reaching ripple effect, the charge shocks the whole conservative party.

Even the show's characters remark that Holly Berry is an unusual name. She makes her first appearance in one of the flashback scenes that transport the viewer to Oxford. She was a student in the same class as Sophie Whitehouse. Let's know more about Holly Berry right here.

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Holly Berry: Who is Kate Woodcroft from Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal?

A young Holly Berry makes her first appearance in episode 2 of Netflix's Anatomy of a Scandal. She was Sophie Whitehouse's Anglo-Saxon tutoring partner. Sophie comes from the same socioeconomic class as James Whitehouse and suffers from the same ego problems. Holly was an excellent student, and she chose to make use of it.

Sophie convinced Holly to collaborate, divide the curriculum, and compare notes or, as Sophie phrased it, divide and conquer. However, Sophie had no intention of learning even half of the curriculum, as Holly quickly discovered.

Sophie was a talented student-athlete who was dating one of Oxford's most popular boys. Beyond the grade she needed to complete the class, she had little interest in studying King Arthur's stories.

During James' trial for allegedly assaulting his political aide Olivia in episode 3, an Oxford administrator accuses him of assaulting Holly while they were both at the university.

To Sophie's amazement, James doesn't even appear to remember who Holly is at first. However, considering his tendency for lying, it's conceivable he's not speaking the truth. We are eventually shown what happened. The event occurred late at night in a shady section of the university.

It was initially agreeable, but Holly wanted to end it when James grew to dominate. He didn't come to a halt and she had been sexually assaulted. Berry afterward left Oxford and is said to have moved abroad.

However, Kate Woodcroft ultimately discloses to Sophie that she is Holly Berry during their meeting in the last episode of the series. She even takes a jab at Sophie, asking whether she'll ask Berry to do her schoolwork for her as she did at Oxford.

She told Sophie that her middle name is Kate. And her last name, Woodcroft, was the same as her ex-husband's.

Did Olivia Lytton Get Sexually Assaulted By James Whitehouse?

The central story in Anatomy of a Scandal is whether James Whitehouse sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend Olivia Lytton in an elevator. While she claimed their unplanned kiss was consensual, she said he forcibly forced himself against her as she attempted to push him away.

She recalls him saying, "Don't be such a cocktease," implying that he knew she didn't want to go any farther. Whitehouse and his lawyers said she never said she didn't want to have sex and that they had a history of rough play. He further stated that he did not refer to Olivia as a cocktease.

After the trial, Sophie confronts James about whether or not he called Olivia that terrible phrase. Her doubt comes from the fact that it sounds oddly similar to anything her husband would say.

James later confesses that he most likely did and that he lied under oath. He was well aware that admitting to having said it would be equal to admitting guilt.

Sophie is aware that her husband is the offender, as evidenced by the discovery that Kate Woodcroft is actually Holly Berry, who also got sexually assaulted by him during his university days.

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