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Cowboy Bebop: Abdul Hakim is Portrayed By Cali Nelle and Jay Paulson

Nov 24, 2021 @ 14:04 EST
Cowboy Bebop: Abdul Hakim is Portrayed By Cali Nelle and Jay Paulson

Abdul Hakim is a live-action character on Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. Actors Cali Nelle and Jay Paulson are cast as Hakim on Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop, a Netflix original, brings the strange and charming characters of the original anime to the streaming giants.

Shinichiro Watanabe's anime is highly regarded, and for a valid reason: the series combines the frequently crazy world that anime offers a show with a grim sci-fi universe and lovely jazz music.

However, the series would not have been as well-received if the cast of characters had not been present. One of them is the portrayal of Abdul Hakim.

Abdul Hakim on Cowboy Bebop: Meet Cali Nelle

Abdul Hakim is first played by Cali Nelle and is featured in the tale of Cowboy Bebop after snatching the hyper-smart dog Ein from the illicit research institution.

They were performing experiments on him and undergoing futuristic surgery to avoid Spike and Jet.

Cali Nelle has worked as a stuntman in a variety of films, including Kingsmen, Guardians of the Galaxy, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Matrix Resurrections, to mention a few.

Jay Paulson Takes Over the Role of Hakim

After the surgery, Jay Paulson plays Abdul Hakim. Paulson is well recognized for his roles on Mad Men as Adam Whitman.

Moreover, he's played the role of Chaplain Tappman in the 2019 film adaptation of Catch-22.

Before you leave, meet Chalmers, Cosmonaut, plus Katerina and Asimov.

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