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Zion Williamson's Weight Gain in 2022: All the Facts Here!

Mar 27, 2022 @ 10:25 EDT
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Zion Williamson's Weight Gain in 2022: All the Facts Here!

Zion Williamson was reported to be 330 pounds following his controversial weight gain. His weight gain was the consequence of his foot injury which required him to get surgery and eventually took more time to heal completely.

Zion Williamson is an American professional basketball player who currently plays in the power forward position for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He was selected by the Pelicans in the 2019 NBA draft as the first overall pick following a freshman-year stint with the Duke Blue Devils.

The next year, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. In 2021, he was selected to an All-Star game and he was the fourth-youngest player to ever do so.

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Zion Williamson's Weight Gain: What's the Story?

If you broach the topic of Zion Williamson's (@zionwilliamson) recent weight gain right now, you would be inviting anxiety and stress in the fans of New Orleans Pelicans because they shudder to think how he's going to play when he is in no shape to play professional basketball.

But there is no way they can escape that topic because the news of Zion Williamson's weight gain is trending right now.

In December 2021, during the Pelicans’ loss to the Rockets, a photo snapped of Zion Williamson dressed in a red Jordan sweatsuit on the sidelines quickly went viral on the internet because of his rather bulkier than usual appearance. Pelicans' supporters got a little nervous about the weight gain of the player.

But it was nothing compared to the hysteria the fans were in when ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, during his appearance in Zach Lowe's podcast The Lowe Post, on being asked about Zion's weight, revealed that his weight is 70 pounds higher than 260.

A Bleacher report, prior to this, mentioned that Zion Williamson had come close to being 300 pounds over the summer and had appeared at Pelicans training camp with 11 kilos more than in his rookie season, reaching 129.

All of this weight gain thing is reported to have happened after Zion sustained some injuries and had to take time to recover. The lead executive of Pelicans David Griffin announced that Zion had broken his foot earlier in the summer which required him to undergo surgery to heal.

He had then tried to impress upon the fans who were learning about the accident that the player had had for the first time by stressing that the news wasn’t as bad because it wasn’t fresh to the team. Apparently, the team had been dealing with Zion Williamson's injury and surgery all offseason.

In order to placate the fans who got worried about Zion not being able to play, Griffin had assured them that it was all their collective hope and their view and that they were very optimistic that his timeline would get him back on the court in time for the regular season.

But Zion Williamson did miss the start of the regular season after which Griffin backtracked on what he had said earlier and claimed that he never meant the start of the regular season, only during the regular season.

After his noticeable absence in the games citing time for recovery, fans finally cracked and could no longer deflect about Zion's weight being a longstanding issue.

While they agree that it is not possible to be maintaining shape and fitness as he is recovering from surgery because obviously, he is in no position to follow the usual workout routines, they couldn't help but question whether the injury that first happened was because he was susceptible to it because of his heavier frame.

The player was apparently scheduled to practice with the Pelicans on 2nd December but he then experienced foot soreness which pushed back his recovery.

Disheartened when there was no return date, they still appreciated that the amount of force Zion Williamson played with was incredible but couldn't ignore that there was a lot of stress on the body with more weight behind that kind of force.

Zion's weight was a topic of discussion among the critics even before he joined the NBA. The Pelicans seemed also to be a little concerned about that because they had modified some of the organization's culinary practices as a move to improve Zion's diet.

However, while everyone is discussing his weight gain and most of them bashing him over it, a person who supposedly is a friend of Zion Williamson straight-up called the buzz about his weight fake news telling that it was just a human obsession to see others fail as he posted a photo of the athlete on the visit to a youth basketball event.

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