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Is VivziePop Really a Zionist?

Feb 12, 2024 @ 10:30 EST
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Is VivziePop Really a Zionist?

VivziePop has recently been making headlines as people have been slamming her for being Zionist. The rumour spread on the Internet after it was discovered that she works for A24 media business that allegedly promotes Zionism.

Vivienne Medrano, frequently referred to by her online handle VivziePop, is a 31-year-old Salvadoran-American animator, writer, director, producer, and voice actress who is best known for creating the adult animated series, Hazbin Hotel, the web series, Helluva Boss, and the webcomic, ZooPhobia.

But to let you know, VivziePop has also faced a lot of criticism for allegedly overworking, shaming others, and portraying women sexually. However, recently many of her fans have become interested in her origins, sparking speculation that she is a Zionist. Well, here's what we've discovered.

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Fans Believe VivziePop Is a Zionist Since She Works at A24, a Media Corporation That allegedly Supports Zionism

Recently, some detractors have accused VivziePop (@vivziebizzie) of being a Zionist on social media because she works for the media corporation A24, which they claim promotes Zionism. Although these assertions regarding A24 are debatable, she has not expressed support for any Zionist causes.

People are convinced that VivziePop is a Zionist. netflixdeed.comPeople are convinced that VivziePop is a Zionist.
Image Source: Instagram

Likely, there is no concrete evidence or confirmation of her religious background or beliefs as she hasn't made any public declarations about what faith she belongs with.  However, some people online estimate her religion based on her cultural background.

Some unverified social media posts even claim that she was reared as a Christian, either Catholic or Protestant, due to her Salvadoran-American roots. But, without her confirmation, these assertions regarding her religion remain unverified. There has also been discussion and guesswork regarding her political views.

However, VivziePop has not openly backed any particular party or candidate. While her cultural background may provide some insights, her precise faith and beliefs are private information that only she can confirm. Until she publicly announces her religious or political connections, speculation over whether she is a Zionist remains unconfirmed guesses without proof

The Complicated Truth Behind VivziePop's Alleged Controversies on Hazbin Hotel!

Rumours about VivziePop's controversies have been circling since 2018 when she posted on her Tumblr blog to answer allegations of transphobia, racism, and stealing other creators' works and was later revised in 2019 to address new claims that her work contained zoophilia, bestiality, and paedophilia.

Given how long ago this disagreement occurred, it is difficult to trace the origins of all of these statements. There are also Reddit threads from readers who were perplexed after learning that she was transphobic but couldn't find any credible sources.

VivziePop apologized claiming that her youth and personal conditions led to what she did. netflixdeed.comVivziePop apologized claiming that her youth and personal conditions led to what she did.
Image Source: Instagram

Most of the allegations have been refuted, particularly the strange assertions of paedophilia, zoophilia, and bestiality. The allegations stemmed from two images reportedly created by VivziePop, one of which depicted two of her characters in an inappropriate student-teacher relationship and the other a slightly pornographic photo of one of her characters in a bathtub with snakes. The alleged kid in the first shot is believed to be Addison, who is just 18 years old.

As a result, fans claimed that she portrayed a relationship between a minor and a teacher have been discredited. Although she admitted doing cringe art in 2012 that doesn't represent her current work, it is unclear whether she created the snake. The snake drawing may raise some questions if it is hers, but it is neither explicit nor NSFW, and it is not illegal to create cringe artwork.

Furthermore, the claims of transphobia and racism arise from VivziePop's long-standing support for problematic creators. These are the only credible claims, as she agreed to provide art to several problematic YouTubers in 2016. She did not name the creators, but a Twitter screenshot appears to show, Blaire White and Shoe0nhead, two political commentators who have been accused of racism and transphobia.

Recognising it as a difficult period in her life, VivziePop admitted on Tumblr that she had created artwork for the contentious creators. She offered the painting because the year's political tumult prompted her to seek understanding and hearing perspectives from all sides. Even though she disagreed with the two creators, she liked their willingness to express their opinions.

It has now been 8-12 years since VivziePop's difficulties, and no new issues have occurred, implying that her apologies were genuine and that her faults were not intentional or malicious. However, she has been the subject of multiple false claims while admitting her faults, and her honesty and growth deserve some respect and compassion.

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