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Sky Madara Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!

Apr 22, 2022 @ 10:32 EDT
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Sky Madara Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!

Sky Madara, a Facebook trolling page, went viral overnight after it posted a picture of a lady with plastic surgery. The post has been shared by 26K users. It now has 456K likes and over 1.5M comments which is not very normal for a regular trolling Facebook page. As all the captions indicate, the page is run by French admins. Go through the articles to know more about Sky Madara and its viral content.

Trolling is the most recent trend to hit social media networking sites, and it is by far the cruelest and most harmful to both young people and adults.

A troll is a person who, generally anonymously, creates an argument or makes provocative or offensive comments with the intention of causing an individual or a group to respond. The word was inspired by a fishing term that means they (the troll) attach their bait (comment) and wait for others to bite.

Facebook, internet sites, blogging sites, and newspaper comments sections have all become platforms and stages for throwing insults, provocations, and threatening words at people. Trolling occurs when others are able to see the comments made. It isn't trolling if you receive rude, hostile, or unpleasant communications privately; it is bullying.

One of the Facebook trolling pages, Sky Madara, recently took the internet by storm after it posted a picture of a lady with multiple plastic surgeries. The post got viral instantly and some viewers seek more information about Sky Madara.

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Sky Madara: Plastic Surgery Trolling Page on Facebook!

Sky Madara is a French Facebook trolling page that is known for its veneral and relationship-related memes. It has been regularly entertaining its followers with its funniest content. However, sometimes it does post some serious content like what it feels to be a good boyfriend or how a relationship works.

On April 10, 2022, Sky Madara posted pictures of a random lady in a bikini. The girl was seen with multiple plastic surgeries including a lip job, nose job, face fillers, and many more. The girl also had a tattoo on her left shoulder. What made the post viral was the post's caption. The admin captioned the post, "Every girl's dream to have this kind of body."

Many viewers found it very funny. As a result, the post quickly became viral on the internet. As of now, the post has 456K like and over 1.5M comments. Talking about how it got massive comments, many viewers kept their opinions through comments.

Some said that it's very unusual and risky to transform our bodies through artificial procedures while others claimed that it's our choice to do whatever we want with our bodies. Some viewers even got upset by the fact that everybody was making fun of her while she did what made her happy.

Thus, we can easily predict by now why Sky Madara got viral overnight. However, trolling should not affect anyone's life. All the creators must be aware of the consequences.

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