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Find Rupam Kaur From Indian Matchmaking on Instagram: Husband, Father, Reddit & Season 1 Update!

Aug 12, 2022 @ 5:24 EDT
Find Rupam Kaur From Indian Matchmaking on Instagram: Husband, Father, Reddit & Season 1 Update!

Rupam Kaur, one of the cast members of Netflix's Indian Matchmaking Season 1, is currently married to Nitin Singh whom she found via the Bumble app. The father and daughter couldn't find her potential partner in the debut season but Rupam quit the show before even the show ended after she found her soulmate. Reddit users seek more information about Rupam's husband and second marriage with her Instagram handle (@_rupamkaur).

The Netflix original series Indian Matchmaking, created by Smriti Mundhra, offers viewers a look at the selection process that many Indians go through while choosing their partners. The cast members of the Indian reality show are helped in finding their ideal partners by Sima Taparia, a matchmaker from Mumbai. In an effort to select a compatible life partner, people both inside and outside of India rely on the marriage consultant.

Each cast member had their own troubles, which helped the audience comprehend the range of problems that could arise during such a procedure. One name that stuck out is Rupam Kaur, whose unusual story undoubtedly captured the attention of the audience.

She made her appearance in Season 1 of the show under a really unusual circumstance if compared to others. As a result, viewers seek more information about her, including her Instagram handle. Well, here is everything we know about Rupam Kaur.

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Rupam Kaur From Indian Matchmaking Season 1: She Is Currently Married to Her Husband, Nitin Singh; Instagram, Father & Reddit!

Rupam Kaur (@_rupamkaur), who was previously divorced while appearing in Season 1 of Indian Matchmaking, is currently married to her husband, Nitin Singh, and has 3 children together. Despite the fact that she and her father searched for her potential partner, Rupam found her true love in Bumble love before even Season 1 ended. As seen on her Instagram, the couple is living the best days of their lives. Additionally, Reddit users also discussed on complications an Indian woman faces when it comes to a second marriage.

Rupam, who lives in Denver, Colorado, had a unique experience on the reality show when contrasted to the other cast members. The Sikh woman revealed that she had been previously married to a Sikh man by her own choice when she made an appearance in the first season of Indian Matchmaking at the age of 36.

After eight years, Rupam divorced her ex-husband since the marriage did not work out. Additionally, she has a daughter from her previous marriage, whom she loves with all of her heart. Divorce is uncommon and not widely accepted in Indian society or the Sikh community, as Rupam noted in the Netflix series.

Sima also acknowledged to her and the audience that it is difficult for a divorced Indian woman to remarry in a customary manner. Rupam and her father Amarjit were shown some potential partners by the matchmaker, but her father was unsatisfied with all of them.

Sima made every effort to connect Rupam with partners who both she and her father would enjoy, but the single mother eventually found someone on her own. She connected with someone on the online dating app Bumble who she thought would be a better match while the pairing process was still in progress.

Rupam was unsure about what to do since the man appeared to fit her criteria. She ultimately made the decision to speak with Sima and put an end to the matching.

All of Rupam Kaur's ambitions appear to have come true thanks to her Bumble love. She got engaged to Nitin Singh in a private ceremony before the first season of Indian Matchmaking had even premiered. In an interview with Today, she explained,

When I met him and just saw his demeanor and how he’s so calm, easygoing and was so honest and communicated and was really straightforward about his feelings towards me…that was the feeling I didn’t expect would happen.

After allegedly keeping the news of her engagement a secret for months, the reality TV cast member revealed it in August 2020. Rupam has moved to the East coast since the debut season of the matchmaking show was broadcast. She has opened out to fans about her experiences on the show and admitted that she did not agree with Sima's perspective on divorced women.

Rupam and Nitin got married in September 2020 and began living as a married couple. They exchanged vows in a private ceremony that according to Covid-19 guidelines in a Gurudwara (a Sikh temple) in Glen Cove, New York. As was indicated in Indian Matchmaking, Nitin had a daughter from a prior marriage and had also undergone a divorce. The couple had a son as their first child, who was born on July 4, 2021.

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