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Nancy Reagan's Controversy: A Brief Summary!

Dec 15, 2021 @ 12:30 EST
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Nancy Reagan's Controversy: A Brief Summary!

Nancy Reagan's controversy most notably includes 'Just Say No' drugs campaign. Additionally, the Hollywood actress is criticized for abortion beliefs, AIDS treatment, decision-making through astrology, and White House china.

Nancy Reagan, the wife of the US 40th president, Ronald Reagan, was an American actress and the first lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

Being a Hollywood actress, Nancy Reagan starred in a plethora of Hollywood movies between the 1940s and 1950s. However, in the year 1952, tables had turned around, and rather than her career, she focused on her love life.

Nancy Reagon's Controversy is Not Limited to One or Two Incidents

In 1952, Nancy fell for Ronald Reagan and in the same year, the pair got married.  As Ronald was the governor in California, consequently, Nancy Reagan became the first lady of California.

The universe was in their favor and in 1981, following her husband, Ronald's victory, Nancy Reagan became the first lady of the United States. However, during her time as the first lady, she was criticized for several different purposes and somehow, Nancy was always grounded with a controversy.

Even today, while Nancy is no more, people still reminisce her for her many controversies. Do you know any of her controversial stories?

Drugs: Just Say No

More than any of her other deeds, Nancy Reagan will always be remembered as the woman for her campaign, 'Just Say No.' Although the campaign was commenced with the aim of bringing positive consequences, unfortunately, the Hollywood actress, Nancy Reagan was criticized.

Moreover, Nancy became the hot topic and controversy started revolving around her.' Just Say No' was a campaign that was begun to curb the intake of drugs and it was popularly discussed on CNN as well. While the campaign was encouraging with positive aims, there were a plethora of people who were against the campaign.

These people did not agree even a bit to Nancy's words rather instead of appreciating Nancy Reagan, they took every moves possible to humiliate the Hollywood actress.

Albeit Nancy went through a lot of criticism and humiliation, she stuck to her words and did not let any adverse impact on the campaign 'Just Say No.'

Unfortunately, rather than gaining the positive effects from the campaign, it created negativities, and many people developed crime-intent activities.

Consequently, more than bringing a decline to the drug intake, it led to more drug use, and still today, many people are imprisoned for many crimes that are related to drugs.

Rock Hudson: Call for Aids Treatment

One of the prominent stars, Rock Hudson was diagnosed with AIDS. Needless to say, it is a dangerous disease and at that time, only Military hospitals provided the treatment of the disease. Thus, Rock Hudson went to Paris to set an appointment with Dr. Dominique Dormant to begin his treatment.

Unfortunately, the Hollywood star, Rock Hudson was not allowed to get admitted to Military Hospital in Paris as he was not a native French. However, hope was still there when Dormant told that a request from the White House or a higher American official could allow Rock for admission.

With the hope of getting the request from the White House, Rock's publicist requested the White House. Conversely, the Hollywood actress, Nancy unknowingly gave everyone a chance to ground her with controversy when she decided to avoid Rock's request.

Instead of sending a request to the French Hospital, she rather asked the US Embassy in France to take stern initiatives. With her negligence and her avoiding nature, Nancy was humiliated by numerous people, and she surrounded herself with controversy.

Living in the 50s?

Nancy was the first lady in the United States. Being a woman herself, it is her responsibility to take each and every stern initiative for the betterment of women. However, it seems like the Hollywood actress is totally against women, and rather than supporting women's rights such as abortion, Nancy Reagan was totally against it.

Furthermore, many people claimed that the Hollywood actress was so habitual in attracting controversy towards her that she would probably not sleep in peace without getting criticism.

Also, Nancy Reagan opposed live-in relationships and did not support pre-marital sex. She deemed that sex was specifically for having a child and not for pleasure.

While sex is necessary and does not necessarily require having a child, people attacked her thoughts and were totally against her.

Making Decisions Based on Astrology?

Both Ronald and Nancy Reagan came to the forefront of controversy when it was revealed that the pair had the influence of some astrologers in making their decision for the country's well-being.

Also, being the president, it is Ronald's responsibility in thinking wisely for the country, however, when the public got to know about the influence of astrology, Ronald and Nancy were highly criticized.

Likewise, the Hollywood actress, Nancy Reagan came to the controversy when it was found that she had a strong influence on Ronald's decisions.

Replacing White House China

During her first term as the first lady, Nancy received criticism when the Hollywood actress decided to replace the White House china that had been getting free designer clothes and was getting funds from private donations.

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