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Nancy From Love Is Blind Season 3: How Did Her Relationship With Bartise Go?

Oct 22, 2022 @ 10:52 EDT
Nancy From Love Is Blind Season 3: Birthday & Instagram Update; Relationship With Bartise Explored on Reddit!

Nancy Rodriguez, one of the cast members of Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 3, was born in 1989. Similarly, she celebrates her birthday on November 8 every year. In the show, she gets into a connection with Bartise Bowden at their first face-to-face meeting. Reddit users wonder how the journey of the couple has been so far. Follow to know more about Nancy with her Instagram handle (@thenancyrodriguez).

When Love Is Blind season two premiered on Netflix on February 11th, 2022, viewers were reminded of why they love the dating show so much. Similarly, after watching the episodes in a single weekend, viewers had been expecting a third season. Finally, the show's Season 3 has been premiered on Netflix on Oct 19.

The Netflix show is a unique dating show that puts the conventional notion of romance to the test. The show welcomes several young men and women to take part in a social experiment where they have the opportunity to go on dates with several potential partners and hopefully fall in love. The only catch is that the dates take place in specially crafted pods, allowing the participants to talk without seeing what the other person looks like.

And when a couple becomes engaged, they meet their future spouses and begin planning their wedding. Likewise, Season 3 of the reality show will hopefully welcome many people who have met their soul mate through the experiment.

Similarly, Nancy Rodriguez is one such individual, with a charming personality that made her a pleasure to watch. Likely, Reddit users and viewers are naturally anxious to learn as much as they can about the reality star, Nancy, so let's dive in and discover what we know about her.

Nancy Rodriguez From Love Is Blind Season 3: She Gets Connected With Bartise Bowden as Soon as They First Face Each Other on the Show; Birthday, Instagram & Reddit Update!

Nancy Rodriguez (@thenancyrodriguez), who was born in 1989, is of Mexican ethnicity, grew up in Texas, and is extremely proud of her Mexican heritage. Similarly, the 33-year-old star celebrates her birthday on November 8. Meanwhile, her parents Jose Rodriguez and Erendira "Eddy" Diaz are divorced and live apart. Likewise, she also has two brothers, Steve and Jesus, one of whom is younger. Likely, the reality TV star is close to her family, especially her mother, Eddy.

The Love Is Blind cast's family was surprised by her decision to participate in the social experiment, but they chose to believe in her and supported the reality TV star throughout her time as a participant. Meanwhile, she graduated from Temple High School in 2008 and was reportedly the mascot for her high school for a few years. As a result, her presence on the soccer field boosted the spirit of her school's team. later, she also graduated with a master's in speech-language pathology from George Washington University.

Similarly, Nancy enjoys spending time with her friends and family when she is not working. Likewise, she also enjoys traveling and discovering new places and cuisines; her adventures have taken her to El Salvador, New York, and Colombia.

Also, Nancy gave eggs eight times during her graduation years, with each contribution containing approximately 25 to 30 eggs. While she does not consider herself a parent to any children born as a consequence of the contributions, she has made arrangements for the children to contact her once they reach the age of 18.

Nancy currently works as a Speech-Language Pathologist, a career in which persons typically specialize in Accent Modification and Aphasia, among other things. Likewise, she practices in Habla Conmigo which is located on Kit Lane in Dallas, Texas. Furthermore, the reality TV star is also a Real Estate Investor that enjoys working with various properties to maximize value. She enjoys updating her followers on the Instagram status of her work on social media and is always willing to help others.

Similarly, Nancy Rodriguez, 33, auditioned for season 3 of Love Is Blind in the hopes of finding the perfect spouse for herself. Meanwhile, she was conflicted between two extremely qualified candidates during the first round of the program, but she ultimately decided to follow her heart and chose 27-year-old, senior analyst Bartise Bowden (@bartiseb).

Likewise, when Nancy and Bartise first met face to face, they got instantly connected. Bartise even tells the other men at the cocktail party in Malibu that he's more in love with Nancy than he was in the pods - that's how well things were going until he gets a few more drinks and begins to speak more casually about his feelings for Raven Rose.

Similarly, when he and Nancy discuss the night, Bartise tells Nancy that he was relieved to discover that Raven was as much of a smoke show as he believed she was. Nancy gradually realizes what he was saying, and when he acknowledges being honestly, deeply torn between Raven and her, it appears that this is the first time she's heard the information. It will be interesting to see how the couple will end up in the upcoming episodes.

However, her journey as an engaged lady on the show is full of ups and downs, but she always remained cheerful and had faith in herself. This helped her gain many fans as viewers cheered her on throughout her journey, as depicted in the Netflix series. Additionally, we wish Nancy the best in her life and wish her a bright future.

Additionally, Love is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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