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Are Nancy Rodriguez and Robert Bartise Still Together? Instagram, Reddit & Love Is Blind Update!

Oct 22, 2022 @ 9:42 EDT
Are Nancy Rodriguez and Robert Bartise Still Together? Instagram, Reddit & Love Is Blind Update!

Nancy Rodriguez and Robert Bartise, one of the couples in Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 3, are currently on the edge of their relationship after the accountant discovered Raven Ross who, according to him, was physically perfectly his type. Reddit users believe they are not together anymore. Follow to know more about their journey with their Instagram handles.

Following a very stunning season 2 that delivered all the drama, tears, and, of course, the pods, Netflix's dating experiment, Love Is Blind, is back for a third season this fall.

Each of the remaining engaged couples gathered at the altar in the show to publicly declare their love for one another or to call it quits in front of a roomful of relatives and friends. In case you missed it, only two couples actually got married in the second edition of the show. And now, with season 3, there are five new couples to keep our eyes on.

Although Netflix's Love is Blind is unquestionably warm and sweet, the reality is that it can also be rather heartbreaking at times because not everyone gets their happily ever after. Yes, there is hope, but while season 1 set the bar high with both married couples remaining together, all of the divorces in season 2 demonstrated that not every relationship works out. However, if you're just curious about whether Nancy Rodriguez and Robert Bartise Bowden from Season 3 followed through on their promise to be together forever, we've got you covered.

Nancy Rodriguez and Robert Bartise From Love Is Blind Season 3: Reddit Users Believe the Couple Isn’t Together Anymore Because of Their Complications; Find Them on Instagram!

Sparks flew everywhere because of the intensity of Nancy Rodriguez (@thenancyrodriguez), a 31-year-old speech pathologist/real estate investor, and Robert Bartise Bowden (@bartiseb), a 25-year-old accountant, from the moment they met in the pods of Love is Blind season 3. They simply matched one other's mood and comfort level right away, only to build on it with both easy and challenging chats about their families, love, and expectations.

Similarly, Nancy even stated that her father has often counseled her to find someone who feels like a friend first, to which Bartise responded that's exactly who he's been seeking as well. He explained, "I'm literally looking for that closest friend, that companion that your father desires for you."

However, while Nancy bonded with Andrew Liu due to their on-paper compatibility, Bartise became close to another fitness enthusiast, Raven Ross, which complicated matters. That's because they were each making two equally important relationships with two very different people, and their own hopeful but completely unprotected young hearts were on the line. Nancy had previously opened up to Bartise about being an egg donor (8 times), but it was really simply the 6-year age gap that caused them in trouble when she got paused in between.

However, the blooming Mexicana had the impression that 25-year-olds typically played games, but every conversation she had with Bartise revealed that he was as natural and authentic as they come. The fact that he quickly split ways with Raven Ross (who'd discovered SK) because he couldn't get past the home-like happiness, Nancy instilled in him also played a key influence in how things unfolded. After all, both Andrew and Bartise got down on one knee for Nancy, and she rejected Andrew not only because she suspected him of deception, but also because she'd fallen in love with Bartise.

Similarly, Nancy and Bartise's first face-to-face meeting was practically flawless in every way, reiterating every pleasant, cheerful thing they'd said, felt, or experienced in the pods. They were loud and aggressive, proud, and passionate, and essentially displayed their comparable senses of humor and personality, which transferred over to their Malibu vacation as well. They might have a slight disagreement on the second day about Bartise's age and his fiancée's decision not to share it unless asked, but they were able to talk it out — no voices were raised, and no one interrupted the other while making a point.

Likewise, Nancy and Bartise appeared to be the perfect couple, but that quickly changed when they met the rest of the cast members, especially when Bartise saw Raven was physically perfectly his type. Similarly, throughout the evening, he looked more interested in her and her relationship with  Sikiru “SK” Alagbada than in his partner. Additionally, he said he regretted cutting things off too quickly because "there's definitely feelings there."

As if that wasn't strange enough, back in their room, Bartise drunkenly stated to Nancy that he thought Raven was a total smoke show, which was strange and heartbreaking on so many levels. Meanwhile, he wasn't attempting to be disrespectful or hurtful; he was simply being honest, and he did express satisfaction with his final decision, but it could have been too much.

However, Reddit users and viewers aren't crazy about Nancy and Bartise being together following his comments about Raven, despite if Andrew and Nancy get together on Love Is Blind. Similarly, along with emotional ties, every union requires physical attraction as well as the feeling of being "the only one" — hence, given their trip and current Instagram and social media position, we don't believe Nancy and Bartise really got married.

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